May 3, 2018

What is Fixd Pricing?

What is Fixd Pricing?
A well-balanced household budget can leave you excess money in the bank for traveling, special occasions and unexpected expenses. The truth is, only 1 in 3 Americans actually successfully maintain a household budget. If you’re one of the 70% that struggles to save, finding the extra cash to take care of necessary repairs and maintenance around your home can be frustrating. That’s why Fixd Repair created a transparent, consumer friendly home service solution called Fixd Pricing. There’s no guessing, no sales pitching and no hidden cost. So, what is Fixd Pricing?
Fixd Pricing is the simple, upfront pricing promise to customers in need of home services and repairs. Fixd genuinely cares about its customers, and created this budget-friendly method of payment solely for the homeowner. It’s a unique service to the industry, because no other company can offer what Fixd Repair can. You will know exactly what labor and parts are included in each plan before scheduling your appointment. You’ll never deal with up-selling or pressure from the techs, and never have to haggle over prices. 
What is Fixd Pricing? It’s all you need to keep your home in tip-top shape, year-round.
“We are homeowners and we were having awful home service experiences,
spending hours sourcing the right pro who isn’t going to take advantage,
the high prices & time it took to schedule a service. This is why we setup Fixd Pricing,
it eliminates all these issues for homeowners and gives complete
transparency – we’re the only guys in the country that do this – we have
nothing to hide when it comes to our prices.” – Evan Myers, co-founder of Fixd Repair

Creating Fixd Pricing

Fixd Repair started fixed rate pricing to make the home service industry less frustrating, more accessible and easier to understand for homeowners. If your refrigerator goes out, you can’t afford to wait for quotes, listen to sales pitches or research multiple repair companies for the best price. You can use other home service companies that compile contractors and techs for you to browse, check the background on each of them, read the reviews of the companies, and then wait for days until the quotes come in. Or, you can simply go to Fixd Repair and relay on the Fixd Pricing – all laid out for you in simple, upfront terms for every repair your home could need. Fixd takes the guess work and leg work out of finding the best company for your home repairs and gives you more time and money to invest in what’s most important to you. 

Unique to the Industry

Fixd Repair is the only home service company that offers upfront pricing in the industry. They are able to do this because they are so confident in their fair pricing. You’ll know what you pay for labor, and each part that goes into the repair, before you pay. You’ll never receive an unexpected bill, or deal with service fees. Fixd Pricing is exactly what the home services industry needed, by putting the customer and their budget first.
“We started Fixd after booking a repair for an AC unit. We spent hours researching,
waiting for the technicians to show up and getting quotes from all these
different companies! We got back completely different quotes – all way over priced.
That’s why we set up Fixd Pricing,
in-app Pro ratings & & it saves the homeowner hours and gives them complete
transparency!” – Evan Myers, co-founder of Fixd Repair

Upfront, Detailed Prices

No matter what repair, installation or maintenance your home needs, you’ll know exactly what’s included in the price. Simply go to Fixd Pricing, select the the job you need completed, and you’ll see exactly how much you’ll be paying! It’s that easy. It’s all right there, for you to see clearly, before committing. And don’t forget – Fixd Repair knows the industry standard for how long each job should take and fair rates for the techs. That’s how Fixd Pricing is created!

No Pressure or Guessing

Another unique aspect of Fixd Pricing is that the techs and service pros do not receive sales commission. That means they won’t pressure you to purchase more than you need, or try to sell you more. They are granted jobs based on their performance that comes from customer ratings, which is their incentive to do the best work for you, the customer. Each repair is capped with a maximum time limit so that you are never overcharged on labor, too. They have a maximum hourly rate of $100, ensuring that you pay a consistent amount for each job, every time. 
When something goes wrong in your home, you don’t have the time or patience to haggle over prices. Fixd Pricing is perfect for those that know what needs repairing, or use it as a handy tool to compare previous quotes you’ve received from other companies. No need to call a tech out to your home – just go to the website or app! If you don’t know the problem, no worries! Just book on the website through “schedule a service,” answer some simple questions, and get the help you need. Before booking a service, check out Fixd Pricing. You’ll always have peace of mind that you aren’t being overcharged, because the prices are right there on the website! With the Fixd Rate Pricing model, you’re guaranteed to receive an affordable and fair price on every job.