May 16, 2018

What Does a Fixd Home Warranty Plan Include?

What Does a Fixd Home Warranty Plan Include?
Why do I need a home warranty?

Purchasing a home is a huge investment, and protecting that investment means keeping up with the maintenance that a home requires. Homeowners need home warranty plans because it’s cash flow protection and a single contact for unexpected repairs. That’s convenient and budget-friendly! A Fixd home warranty also cuts out the search & screening for a trusted contractor, and provides ongoing home protection on demand, as long as you need it.

How is a Fixd Home Warranty different?

When you have a Fixd Warranty or need maintenance repairs, technology is on your side. You’ll be able to book all of the repairs and jobs you need completed through our super simple app and website. Each of our technicians are insured and background checked. All of the jobs in the app go to the highest reviewed pros first – so you know you’re getting the best of the best. In fact, whether fling a claim or needing repairs done, with no middle man the Service Pro can get instant approval while in your home. Whether you have a Fixd Home Warranty, or choose to use Fixd services as you need them, everyone under the Fixd umbrella gets the same attention and respect. Other home warranty and service repair companies will take advantage of a home owner’s lack of knowledge comprehensive pricing and confusing terms and conditions. No other home warranty company does all of this.

What’s included in a Fixd Home Warranty?

So, what do you actually get with a Fixd Home Warranty plan? Whatever you need! Our amazing coverage is starts at only $415 per year and includes more than just the basics. Fixd Home Warranties are completely flexible and personalized for each homeowner. And, after the initial coverage period, Fixd Home Warranty members are even eligible to renew their plans with some money saving options. Plus, you’ll pay just $50 for in-home service fees on repairs, so there’s no guesswork.


There are four Fixd Home Warranty plans that can be customized with optional add-ons like pool & spa and an additional refrigerator. Each plan covers air conditioning and heating, plus a pre-season tune-up, electrical, plumbing, most appliances, and no fault coverage upgrades including permits and haul away.


The Whole Home plan even covers a free re-key for up to six locks, and all appliances in your home. Even better, our pool & spa, air conditioning and heating coverage is the best in the industry!  


Take a look at our Fixd Home Warranty brochure online, to get more details on the benefits of each plan.

Protect your investment with the most comprehensive, complete and transparent home warranty coverage you can buy, from Fixd Repair. When it comes to HVAC issues, plumbing problems, appliance or electrical repairs, pool & spa maintenance and even garage door or smart home troubles, Fixd Home Warranty plans have you covered!