Jul 28, 2016

Appliance Repairs: Washing Machine and Dryer Hacks


Washing machines and dryers are not only convenient in the home, but necessary for large households. Having a washer and dryer at home makes life easier and saves your back from overworking hand washing and hanging clothes on a clothesline. Make sure to avoid appliance repairs by making sure yours are well maintained and prepared to last you a long time. Here are some great tips to make the most out of your washer and dryer, and keep them healthy:

Avoid Washing Machine & Dryer Repairs!

  • Salt To Keep Clothes Bright – After spending a nice chunk of change on your favorite pieces of clothing, you do not want it fading. Place a teaspoon of salt in your laundry load and your clothes will stay brighter, longer.
  • Wash The Washer – Just because your washer washes clothing, doesn’t mean it’s a clean machine. Washers need love, too. If your clothes are coming out with a stale smell, it’s time to wash the washer. Simply pour 4 cups of vinegar into your washer, place it on the largest load option, and let it go through a full cycle.
  • Clean Out The Drain Pump Filter Every Few Weeks – This is very important! Every few weeks, you need to take apart the drain pump filter and clean it out. Hair, small pieces of fabrics, baby socks, dirt, trash, and other small objects will get stuck in the drain pump filter. This will cause the washer to act more sluggish and water not to drain properly.
  • Magical Ice Cube Trick – Have a shirt that needs refreshing or is just too wrinkled up to wear out? Place an ice cube wrapped in a dryer sheet in the dryer, along with your article of clothing for ten minutes. Your clothing will be wrinkle free and smell great!
  • Clean The Dryer – Once or twice a year break down your dryer to remove all the lint. It is very easy to take off the dryer duct and remove all the lint. Have your vacuum handy, as lint will get everywhere. You will be surprised how much quicker your clothes will dry.
  • Clean The Lint Filter Before Every Use – Forgetting to clean the lint filter, even once, can do immense damage on your dryer. Without cleaning the lint filter after every use causes your dryer to have to work harder than it needs to, taking years off its life.

Maintaining the health of your washer and dryer will prevent having to replace parts or purchasing a new unit. These simple hacks will improve the quality of your washer and dryer and save a lot of time and money in the long run.

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