Jul 29, 2016

Understanding Your Home Warranty


A home warranty plan might seem like a confusing and intimidating contract. When you understand your warranty plan, you will feel much more comfortable and secure. It will also put your mind at ease, knowing your home has exactly what it needs. Here are some tips to really understanding your home warranty:

  • Home Warranty VS Home Insurance: Many believe a warranty for your house is the same as insurance. It’s not. A home warranty service contract doesn’t protect your home from losses, like an insurance policy. It does, however, provide service, replacement and repair on major appliances and systems in your home.
  • Exclusions: Read up on the exclusions to your warranty. You may want to add more to your contract, or eliminate some coverage that you don’t feel is necessary. Fixd Repair, for example, allows for easy changes and additions to your contract. Non-warranty home services are even available to schedule with Fixd Repair!
  • Guarantee: Make sure your warranty company offers a guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the work you have done, be confident you can get your money back! Fixd Repair offers a $10,000 satisfaction guarantee, if you aren’t pleased with the service or repair received. If your warranty doesn’t offer this, you may need to shop around.
  • Quotes: If the quotes your contract offers you seem a little high, they probably are. Make sure that these quotes make sense to you, and match common repair rates. You shouldn’t be paying more than than you are comfortable with, and your warranty company should validate all charges.

Knowing what you want out of a home warranty plan will give you the protection and confidence you need for your home. Understanding what you need and don’t need in a contract when you are choosing a home warranty plan, are just as important as the details. Get to know the benefits of a home warranty plan, and make sure you read about exactly what a home warranty is, so you’re more comfortable with this big decision!