Feb 2, 2018

Top 5 Reasons Why Fixd is the Best Home Warranty Solution for You


Your home is an investment. It’s your safe haven, where you and your family gather and should feel comfortable. But just purchasing a new home is only the beginning of your security. Houses evolve, just as people do. They require constant upkeep, repairs when time times its toll on the structure, and general maintenance every year. This is why picking the right home warranty is crucial to living comfortably. 

Picking a home warranty is a daunting task. You’ll need something easy to understand and use, a reliable team of technicians you can trust, a simple claim filing process, and of course, you’ll want to be completely covered at a reasonable rate. At Fixd, we understand that your house is your home, and have made it easier for you to feel secure.

1. Booking Jobs Through the App

When you have a Fixd Warranty or need maintenance repairs, technology is on your side. You’ll be able to book all of the repairs and jobs you need completed through our super simple app. Just pick up your phone, launch the app and tell us what the problem is. You won’t have to sit for extended periods of time listening to soft jazz while on hold, because your request is send immediately to our professional and reliable technicians! Even better, once your appointment is made at a time and date that’s convenient for you,  you’ll be able to track your pro while they travel to your home. You will know exactly when they will arrive – which means you can get back to your busy life, without putting it on hold. Download the app for Android or iOS.

2. Quality Service Technicians

When your technician arrives, you’ll be greeted by a professional, friendly and competent service pro. Each of our technicians are insured and background checked. All of the jobs in the app go to the highest reviewed pros first – so you know you’re getting the best of the best. You’ll even be able to rate the service pro that visits your home, once the job is complete. That stereotypical plumber whose pants hang too low and charges you more than you expect will never be knocking on your door.  You can trust our service pros, and read about how other customers just like you felt about them, too!

3. File Warranty Claims & Book Service Jobs in One Place

Whether you have a Fixd Home Warranty, or choose to use Fixd services as you need them, everyone under the Fixd umbrella gets the same attention and respect. Filing a warranty claim and booking home repairs has never been easier. In fact, we offer an instant approval process, so you know what to expect and when, right away. We got rid of that complicated and intimidating mumbo jumbo and got right down to the root of what our customers need. It’s all laid out for you in simple terms, and all in one place!  Talk about simplicity!

4. Claims Approved While Pro is On The Job

Normally when you file a claim or request a service repair job, a technician comes to your house to inspect the issue before reporting back to the company. This can take weeks for the claim approval process! With Fixd, your Service Pro comes right to your home and you’ll get instant approval. In fact, if the Service Pro has the parts needed for the repair with him on his visit, he can work on the job immediately and get the problem fixed. This process is smoother, more efficient and streamlined because of our technology – saving you time and money!

5. Most Inclusive Coverage

Other home warranty and service repair companies will take advantage of a home owner’s lack of knowledge on comprehensive pricing. Whether it’s heating and cooling, electrical and plumbing or other home issues, Fixd has seen what the average going rate is, and offers our customers just that.  Nothing more. No excessive fees or surprise service charges. Just a $50 fixed service fee. That’s it! Plus, unlike a home warranty that might leave out common and expensive repair issues so they can charge you more later, Fixd Repair has the most inclusive coverage! It’s all right there – transparent, easy to understand and totally comprehensive. Did we mention our affordable plans and services? Our number one goal is to keep homeowners happy, and that’s just what we’ve been able to do.

When you’re searching for a Home Warranty or home service company, stop by and check out Fixd. Forget the complicated warranties that are difficult to follow, or service technicians that take advantage of you. With Fixd, you’ll have a full understanding of your home warranty and pay the lowest fixed prices around. Now THAT is security for your home.