Jul 17, 2018

The Future of Home Technology

The Future of Home Technology

That longtime childhood dream of living like the Jetsons is becoming more and more plausible every decade. With huge advances yearly in home technology innovations, we’re already able to make our homes smarter.  There are integrated systems that work together for convenience and safety; apps to control your appliances, lights and locks; and even smart home security systems. So, what does the future of home technology actually look like? It’s probably pretty similar to the Jetson’s home!

Roll-Up TV

That’s right – a large TV will no longer take up an entire wall of your home, in the future. LG has a rollable OLED TV in prototype phase right now. Up to 65 inches with full 4K resolution, and it rolls down like a projector screen.  LG Display will offer this neat trick: press a button and the TV will sink enough to shift the aspect ratio.  That means you can go from 16:9 to cinematic 21:9 to watch widescreen movies.  It will all sink into it’s nicely displayed box that looks more like a shelf than a TV to maximize the space in your room. 


We aren’t going to see a robot maid like the Jetson’s “Rosie,” any time soon, but there are some great automated robots that can do some pretty neat things. And that technology is definitely on the rise for the future, as well.  The robotic vacuum is nothing new, but some scientists in Germany have a prototype in the works that can do way more than just clean your floors.  This robot has one arm and three fingers, so it can pick up items, clean up small messes, and even serve drinks at your dinner party. 


Soon, designing your living space will be less about guesswork, and more about reality. When you consider purchasing a new couch, for example, wondering if it will fit and go with existing decor can be frustrating. Interior design firms and even furniture retailers have been creating fun apps that will let you test furniture at home using virtual and augmented reality!  Using just the camera on your phone, you’ll be able to virtually place furniture in your room in 3D mode.

Elderly Care

Best Buy – the company we all know and love that sells us TVs, movies, video games and other fun tech. has been turning their focus to the elderly. They’ve done the research and realized that by 2020, 45 million Americans will be caring for 117 million seniors.  90% of those seniors would prefer to stay at home, rather than an assisted living facility. Best Buy is fine-tuning their smart appliances, apps, surveillance and security systems and gearing them toward making smart homes for elderly folks. These integrated systems of smart features will allow for easier mobility and movement of the seniors, all while getting remote assistance from their loved ones. 

In the Kitchen

Saving time and money is key to busy families, especially with mealtime. Although smart kitchen appliances won’t be able to cook for you (yet!), they can make it easier for you. Ovens will have cameras and digital thermometers to help you watch the food as it bakes, while you’re busy in another room. Apps will be connected to smart skillets, so you get the exact temperature you need for the food you cook.

We’ve already seen some of this future technology emerge, but the refrigerator tech. is really amping up. Your fridge will let you know when your milk is about to expire, when you need to purchase more apples, and even offer you recipes for your family meals. LG has a smart fridge that can send cooking instructions from their recipes straight to your smart oven. That’s teamwork!

In the Bathroom

No need to hit the spa and spend thousands of dollars to relax. The future of home technology is already in the works.  With the touch of a button on your app, technology in the bathroom can draw you a bath at the temperature you desire. And how about a little aromatherapy while you soak? Another gadget can get your bathroom smelling lovely before you even enter. There will also be high-tech bathtubs with options to induce relaxed brain waves.

Even toilets are becoming smarter and wiser. In fact, there are toilets right now in Japan that can test urine for diabetes. Soon, we’l see toilets that act as preventative doctors. They will detect if a woman is pregnant, or if someone has colon cancer. A toilet that can save you a trip to the doctor for tests, by analyzing urine and stools…yes, that’s coming.

In the Bedroom

A smart mattress…why not? Sensors on a smart mattress will measure your sleep metrics, then adjust to give you the best night’s sleep, every night. You will also be able to control the temperature of your blankets for maximum comfort. And when you’re ready to wake up, if a harsh alarm isn’t your style, how about the scent of bacon or lavender drifting about your room? That’s possible with smart alarm clocks now!

The home of the future is upon us.  Although we may not have our meals in pill form from a vending machine, travel room to room via pneumatic tubes, or enjoy a talking robotic maid, these things are still possible and some are in the works right now. Think about holograms, 3D-printed food, drones, smartwatches and even smart shoes – all were debuted on the cartoon, and we have that technology in real life now. 

By the way, The Jetsons took place in 2062. Let that sink in.

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