Oct 3, 2018

The Best Smart Home Thermostats of 2018

Smart Home Thermostats

So, you live in Texas.  You know what it’s like to have a 50 degree morning, and 95 degree afternoon. Your thermostat and heating & cooling systems in your home know it all too well. Smart home thermostats are the wave of the future in tech-savvy homes. They help keep your home energy efficient, which saves you money. They can be programmed, which saves you time.  And they can be adjusted remotely, which saves you headaches.  

Note that you’ll want to be sure the smart home thermostat you choose, is compatible with your HVAC system. Read the details and be prepared to have more than one option.  Most smart home thermostats will require a C-wire connection. This is because batteries aren’t enough to give them the power they need. If you need help setting up a C-wire connection, schedule an appointment with Fixd Repair.  We’ll have a technician come out to safely install one for you.

Here are some of the best smart home thermostats offered in 2018:

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest products are highly rated and dependable. This particular product is super smart, too.  It monitors your habits, and plans temperatures for you.  If you always turn down the thermostat before leaving for work every morning at 7am, it will identify this continuous ritual. In fact, it’s always watching your home with built-in motion sensors. This way, it knows when you are home, and can adjust temperatures to a comfortable level for you. Separate room sensors will offer better overall temperatures throughout your home. You can grab your energy usage reports, as well. That helps you monitor what how your HVAC system is functioning, and alerts you to high usage. It has an LCD touchscreen and bit rotating dial, so it’s very visually appealing and user friendly. Even better, you can program it to work with voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. 

The Nest Thermostat E is another great smart home thermostat in the Nest family. It’s an earlier edition, and comes in plastic, not glass or stainless steel like the newer models. It can save you money, if you don’t mind a less fancy thermostat cover!


This smart home thermostat is compatible with voice assistants, acts as a smart speaker, and has a built-in Alexa. You can actually use voice commands in your thermostat that you would ordinarily use for Alexa!  This little device definitely does more than just help adjust temperatures. Schedule and set times for perfect temperature habits. And you can buy additional room sensors to control temperatures in other rooms. Another feature similar to the Nest is the motion sensor.  But the Ecobee4 also has a sound sensor to help adjust temperatures appropriately.

Honeywell Lyric T5

If you use Amazon or Apple smart home ecosystem, you’re in luck!  This Honeywell smart home thermostat is compatible! Unlike Nest or Ecobee4, there’s no built-in assistant. However, Siri or Alexa smart speakers can take voice direction to adjust the temperature for you. If you aren’t sure about owning a smart home thermostat – this might be the perfect starter system for you. Program the thermostat to turn on or off, and create heating and cooling schedule for up to a week. Although it doesn’t learn your heating and cooling habits, it’s an affordable, no frills device.

Are you ready to upgrade your smart home? These three, very different smart home thermostats offer a variety of prices and functions. When you’re preparing to add to your smart home ecosystem, remember to read the fine print. Don’t make a purchase, until you’re sure the device you want will work with your home. Then, sit back, relax and know that the temperature in your home is perfect, all the time!