Aug 21, 2018

Swimming Pool Easy DIY Repairs

Swimming Pool Easy DIY Repairs

Your swimming pool is your summer haven. It’s where you lounge in the sun, cool off during hot days, gather around with family and friends for BBQs, and where your children learn to swim. It’s that break from the relentless Texas heat, and the pride of your back yard. Keeping it maintained is a necessary chore, but the benefits are worth it. Check out DIY Swimming Pool Maintenance for your seasonal routine, and read on for swimming pool easy DIY repairs for the unexpected problems that might arise.

  • Cloudy Water: Your swimming pool may look mucky and cloudy from time to time. This can be caused by several different factors. Trees, the weather, the sun, pool algae, your filter system, and even pool chemicals can all give your pool water to a cloudy consistency.

To clear it, there are several methods to try. A pool water clarifier will take the small particles making it cloudy, and combine them into larger masses that will get sucked up by your filter. You can also try stirring the water with a pool brush, or swimming. This will move the particles on the bottom to the top. Turning on bottom drains will achieve the same results.

And finally, if you need a quicker fix, you can use a Flocculant (Floc). Floccing your pool takes more work on your part, and is difficult, but it will clear the water within 24 hours. Flocculant chemicals gather up all of the particles clouding your water, and send them to the bottom of the pool. After that cloud is moved down, you can manually vacuum it up with your pool pump.

  • Leaks: Before panicking and taking the time to search around the pool, be sure you check on your filter system. The leak could be caused by a faulty pump, filter, heater, chlorinator or any other part of that system.  Note that vinyl liner pools are much easier swimming pool easy DIY repairs than plaster, concrete or fiberglass. Should you have a leak in one of those, schedule an appointment with Fixd Repair and let the professionals handle it. Vinyl liner patch kits will be your best bet for fixing a leak.

Just grab a vinyl pool liner repair kit, then cut a patch in the shape of a circle that is larger than the leak hole. Cover the back of the patch with the kit glue and apply the patch over the hole. If you have a leak under water, You’ll want to fold the patch in half to cover the glue from the water. Dive down with your patch and in one motion, open it and slap it on the hole.  You’ll need to apply pressure for about 5 minutes, so you’ll need to consider that when diving down!

  • Cracks: Seeing a crack in your concrete or gunite pool isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm. Shifting ground will likely create hairline fractures. For small cracks, just grab some goggles or a mask and a screwdriver. You’ll need to widen the crack a bit by using the screwdriver to scrape out any debris from the crack, then use Pool Putty to cover it up. Larger, more threatening cracks are not going to be a “quick fix,” nor will they be easy. This requires draining the pool, using a grinder, and a lot of elbow grease. It’s best to call in the professionals on this task, unless you are skilled with a drill and have previous experience.
  • Grout: Tiled pools will likely lose grout over time. The soft water can dissolve the calcium in the grouting. Identify the grout between the tiles that need re-grouting, then use a grout saw to cut it. Scrape out the remainder of the grout using a grout scraper or chisel. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water and use that to clean the area between the tiles, then vacuum up any debris. A waterproof epoxy grout that is made just for swimming pools is your best bet. They come in several colors, so you’ll want to find one that matches your existing grout. Mix it, spread it and be sure it covers and fills the joints between the tiles.  After it’s dried, seal it with a swimming pool sealant, and enjoy your “looks like new” grouted tiles!


These common issues are a snap to repair by yourself, with a little bit of knowledge and a few tools or products.  You won’t miss a day of enjoying your backyard oasis with these swimming pool easy DIY repairs!