May 30, 2018

Summer Yard Maintenance Tips

summer yard maintenance tips

Summer is definitely here already in Texas! No more cool mornings and crisp air evenings around here. The days are long, warm, humid and bright, which makes perfect weather for spending a little more time outdoors. BBQs, family gatherings, parties and celebrations will most likely take place in your yard during the summer, so be sure to keep it looking great with these summer yard maintenance tips. Your back and front yards will stay healthy and thriving all season, plus, you’ll be able to enjoy them much more!

  • Trim Limbs – Summer heat doesn’t mean we won’t see thunderstorms or rain! Make sure your tree limbs are cut back to a safe distance from your home. A gust of wind during a storm is all it could take for that limb to break a window, damage the exterior or tear off a drain pipe. You’ll also want to trim any bushes or shrubs that may be getting a little too close to your A/C unit outside. Should debris, leaves and limbs get caught in the unit, it won’t be able to cool your house efficiently.
  • Mind the Vines – Vines offer a natural, beautiful atmosphere to your yard. You’ll want to take special care of them, though, because since they grow from the ground onto the house, critters have more access and could get inside. Vines also tend to trap moisture, which, over time, can eat away at the brick mortar. Make sure you have a trellis to house your vines and keep them trimmed back away from your foundation.
  • Fantastic Grass – You’ll notice that your grass is beginning to grow a little faster now. In fact, it might take more than once a week to trim it down. Mow often enough to be sure you’re removing 1/3 of the grass blade, to keep it looking great and staying healthy. In fact, you’ll want to clean under your mower at least once a month to be sure you aren’t spreading any lawn diseases around. Water less frequently, and more deeply than in the spring. Every morning sprinkles promote shallow root growth, so give your lawn about an inch of water per week. 
  • Picking Plants – If you like a bright, colorful yard, no doubt you’ll have some beautiful flowers planted around. Find plants that thrive in the sun AND shade. Some plants love the hot conditions of the summer, while some prefer to chill out in the shade. This is especially nice to know the difference, because it helps you include your entire lawn in the curb appeal of your yard. There are plenty of gorgeous flowers on both end of the spectrum to add a little oomph to your entire yard. Another tip – plant those autumn colors you’ll want in the fall, now. This way, they bloom and flourish for your color-changing lawn. Nurseries carry annuals during the summer that will be inexpensive.
  • Bug, Bug Go Away  – Mosquitoes. Just the word probably makes you itch! Repellents are great protection for you and your skin. But let’s focus on taking away the breeding grounds in your yard, so that more mosquitoes don’t stick around. Eliminate standing water or areas in your yard where water can pool  or puddle. It’s a lot easier to kill the mosquitos in larvae stage in water, than it is once they grow and hit the skies. Keep your yard free from trash and food scraps, too. If you have a fish pond, get yourself some mosquitofish (yes, that’s a real thing) to eat mosquito larvae. There are even certain bacteria you can put in your pool that attack larvae, but don’t cause any harm to other living things. Make sure rain buckets are empty, water bottles are disposed of, clogged rain gutters are cleaned, birdbaths are changed frequently, and watch for uneven ground where irrigation can collect.
  • Clear the Field – During the fall, it’s generally OK to let leaves where they are, but in the summertime, those leaves are blocking the sunlight from hitting your grass. A leaf blower is a great tool for those with large yards, otherwise, a rake will do the trick with a little elbow grease. You can then use those collected leaves for compost or mulch them to avoid extra fertilizing.
  • Patching the Patio – We don’t get harsh winters here in most parts of Texas, so worrying about what the cold weather does to pavers, walkways and driveways isn’t a priority. However, on the off-chance that the freezes during the winter have split concrete or knocked stones out of place, you’ll want to seal up any new gaps with a concrete-crack filler. Patio stones and pavers can be moved due to winter storms. Reset and seal them in to look fresh. Should you need extensive work, summertime is a slow season for pros, which means you’ll probably get a great price on the work that needs to be done.

Enjoy your summer and keep your yard maintenance to a minimum by getting a head start now! You’ll pick up good habits to keep your lawn healthy and have a much more pleasant environment for your outdoor gatherings. Use these summer yard maintenance tips every year to ensure the best looking yard on the block! You may also want to check out our tips on Pool Maintenance, and Life Hacks for Outdoor Areas.