Dec 18, 2016

Snow And Ice Prevention & Removal Tips

Snow & Ice Removal & Prevention

Winter weather means hot chocolate, ice skating, beautiful and peaceful scenery and enjoying fires in the fireplace. It also means standstill traffic, slippery walkways and an added chore of cleaning up snow. Here are some great snow and ice prevention and removal tips that could help you get back to the great things that Winter offers!

Prevention Tips

  • Purchase a good shovel. Lightweight plastic or aluminum coating with nonstick finishes will make your job a lot easier. You may be tempted to get a shovel with a large blade – however, that means you’ll be pushing more weight and tire out quicker. A pusher is a great tool for lightweight, fluffy snow removal. You’ll want to grab these and have them handy before storms hit.
  • Use a melter (magnesium chloride garden spayer within a few hours before the storm hits. It can help melt snow of 2 inches or less, and keep ice from bonding to the surfaces of your plants.
  • Although rock salt is affordable and does work with temperatures above 12 degrees F, it’s really hard on grass & shrubs, and can start eating away at concrete. If you’re willing to spend a little more, consider a magnesium chloride or calcium chloride salt that are still not good for plants, but cause much less damage.
  • Sand or kitty litter will help make walkways easier to maneuver through, and prevent slipping.
  • Place a drop cloth or tarp over walkways or steps. This will not only protect the ground and steps, but it will create a simple and quick way to remove the snow and prevent ice from forming!

Removal Tips

  • If you have shrubs covered in snow or ice, leave them alone. Don’t try to remove the snow and ice – let it melt off naturally. Shaking it off could injure the plants.
  • If possible, make sure you are shoveling – even when it’s still snowing. The more the snow accumulates, the harder time you’ll have cleaning it out of the way. If the sun is shining, shovel down so that the concrete is exposed to the sun, to help prevent ice from forming.
  • Door locks, steps, windows and walkways can accumulate ice during a storm. To get rid of the ice safely, pour lukewarm water over the area, then remove the runoff right away. Repeat this until the ice is gone. Don’t use hot water, as the temperature difference can cause windows to crack, metal to warp and even eventually crack concrete!
  • A leaf blower can double as a snow blower for light snow accumulation on your plants, patio, vehicles and walkway.
  • Use the kids! Instead of making snow removal from your driveway and walkways a chore, make it into a game! Have a snowball fight or snowman building contest, where all snow for the activities must come from the walkway and driveway!

Winter storms don’t have to keep you from enjoying the great things that chilly weather bring! Use these easy snow and ice prevention and removal tips to make cleanup a quicker job this year!