Jul 17, 2019

Smart Home Technology You Didn’t Know Existed

smart home technology

The average American home is getting smarter and smarter. Statista reports that 33.2% of households in the U.S. have smart home devices. By 2023, this percentage is expected to hit 53.9% of homes!  The protection, ease, comfort, reliability and convenience of smart home technology appeals to the modern American. The market is growing so quickly, there might be smart home devices you never knew existed!

Smart Bed

Need better sleep?  Forget warm milk and counting sheep. The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed  is the solution!  Just like your Fitbit that tracks your steps and exercises, the bed tracks how you sleep.  It will automatically make adjustments to several key elements like firmness, support, and even foot temperature while you sleep. You’ll get a full report sent to your smartphone to analyze and tweak for the best night’s sleep.

Smart Garage Door Openers

The best smart home devices are those that can link up with your existing devices, creating a flawless, complete smart home. Believe it or not, there are smart garage doors out there, and they link up to assistant devices!  For example, this Nexx Garage Door Opener can be controlled and monitored from anywhere. Authorize people to access your garage, open and close it while you’re away and get notified if it’s left open. 

Smart Pet Feeder

Your fur babies aren’t left out of the technology game! These Petnet’s SmartFeeders will help feed your pet, even when you can’t. Via your smartphone, you can manage your pet’s feeding times, portion sizes and more. If you need extra help with your pet’s nutrition, the app calculates their healthiest eating habits for you, too. It dispenses appropriate portion sizes, alerts you when it’s time to be cleaned, and still works if your WiFi goes down

Smart Toilet

Well, it was bound to happen.  The world finally has a smart toilet! But what makes a toilet “smart?”.  How about deodorizing filter, heated seat, motion-activated seat and cover, and built-in Bluetooth speakers? Those are just some of the fun features you’ll find in a wide variety of brands that offer smart toilets.  We suggest the Kohler Veil or Kohler Numi for the ultimate smart toilet.  But, with similar features, you’ll get better bang for your buck with the Toto Washlet Seat.

By the way, your dog can get a smart toilet with the INUBOX, and your cat won’t feel left out with their LavvieBot.

Smart Sensors

We all know about those smart detectors that alert you if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected in your home. But what about a sensor that can detect water?  This could save your home from flooding and water damage. The D-Link Water Sensor  does just that! It connects to WiFi and notifies your smartphone if it detects flooding. 

Smart Sprinklers

Remembering to water your lawn in the summer seasons might not be a challenge.  But going outside in the heat to turn them on and off can be daunting. Plus, how do you know if you’re overwatering or underwatering? A smart sprinkler controller like Rachio 3 will control 8 different zones, integrates with your smart assistants like Alexa and Nest, and sets a watering schedule, based on public weather data and soil moisture! that can better monitor how much water your yard is getting, as well as shut down the system when there are leaks.

It seems that new smart home technology is sprouting up every day. Keep your home up to date with the latest devices and gadgets.  If you’re waiting for specific smart home technology to join the market, chances are, you won’t have to wait too long!

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