Jun 5, 2018

Smart Home Appliances

Smart Home Appliances

You upgrade your mobile devices like cell phones and tablets to meet the new technology standards, so why not upgrade your home? A smart home can feature everything from smart security systems to smart devices that help you monitor and help your home run more efficiently. They can make your home more eco-friendly, protect you and create a smooth running household. Smart home appliances are also on the rise, and a great addition to any home that is tech-friendly. Check out these amazing smart home appliances:


  • Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator:  This is the be all, end of all smart refrigerators! There are three built-in cameras that allow you to see inside your fridge – from anywhere! Add items to your shopping list with just your voice, automatically assign expiration dates, load coupons to loyalty cards, and even order from Grubhub – all from your refrigerator. Plus, there’s an interactive touchscreen with customizable widgets to keep your family organized and connected. You’ll even be able to play music from Spotify, Pandora and more with the built-in speaker, or watch TV using screen mirroring. Even better, the FlexZone lets you convert your fridge into a freezer with the touch of a button, the shelves are adjustable, there’s a custom wine rack for perfect temps, a Triple Cooling System, plus, many, many more incredible features.
  • LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator: This fridge takes the cake. The sleek glass panel lets you see inside without letting the cold air out, just by knocking twice on the door to illuminate it! It also has a satin-smooth finish to look great in any kitchen. It can make extra ice on demand, notify you when the door has been left open, and works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa! Plus, it’s fingerprint and smudge-proof. Even more, it has a door within a door for even more storage of your favorite foods, plus tons of storage depth, without taking up kitchen space.


  • LG Smart ThinQ Range: Whether you’re a busy parent with little time to prepare meals, or a seasoned chef, you’ll love this range! This isn’t just an oven. It has several appliances built-in, including an infrared grill! All from your smartphone, you’ll have the ability to set temperatures, monitor the self-cleaning features and see how your meal is coming along. There’s a huge control panel that controls the oven and the cook top, plus a scrolling display. The best part about this range is that if you have the Smart ThinQ fridge, as well, you can send recipes to your oven right from your fridge. Talk about convenience!
  • GE Profile Series Oven: GE appliance fans will love the way GE has stepped into the 21st century with this oven! It features a built-in double convection wall oven that can be controlled wirelessly from your smartphone. You can also pre-heat, change temps, set timers and check timer status’ remotely. Oh, and it cleans itself. Who couldn’t love that!? The control panel is large with tons of functions and features, with a big LED display. There’s even an LED strip notification light to sync with the timer so you can see how long you’ll have to wait for your meal.


  • Kohler Konnect: This is much, much more than just a smart faucet. The voice-enabled technology controls your shower, bath, toilet, mirror AND faucets in your bathroom or kitchen, all from your smartphone and Amazon Alexa! Hands-free in the kitchen and bathroom are probably the smartest way to go, and Kohler Konnect definitely covers you in those rooms. It features hands-free flushing, presets for your bath and shower, and much, much more.


  • Whirlpool Smart Over The Range Microwave: This brand new product is great for hands-free commands.  Using your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you can now operate the convection baking mode! The touchscreen control panel keeps track of what you’re cooking and will remember, so it can predict for the next time you use it. It then moves those predictions to the front panel for quick touch access. You can even scan the bar code of a frozen meal, and the app will send heating directions, temps, and cooking times straight to the microwave.


  • LG Top Control Smart Dishwasher: LG has created some incredible advances in dishwashing technology.  This dishwasher has some pretty unique and special features for the ultimate clean, but the best part is the SmartThinQ technology that’s built-in. Get smartphone notifications when a cycle is complete, or even check the cycle status with voice commands using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa!
  • GE Profile Series: This smart dishwasher might cost a bit more than other smart dishwashers, but if you want SUPER clean dishes, this is for you. It has hidden controls for a sleeker design, and 140 cleaning jets – more than any other dishwasher in the industry currently! It’s an Energy Star-certified dishwasher that’s extremely quiet, and has adjustable racks. The GE Appliances Kitchen app offers some awesome features, too. Monitor the cycle time and status and be alerted to any problems like water leaks. It also locks, which is convenient for homes with small children.

Coffee Makers

  • Behmor Connected: If you love your coffee, you’ll love this machine. Set the brewing temperature, adjust pre-soak settings, brew up to 12 cups (6 at a time), choose roast level, and get that coffee brewing from anywhere in your house via Bluetooth! This is perfect for those that are very specific about their coffee, but dread getting up in the morning to start the brewing process. Plus, there are even more great features on the app to play with and find the best to suit your coffee needs.
  • Nespresso Expert: On the more expensive side, there’s this incredible Nespresso Expert. It comes with a milk brother and hot water spout built in. There are three temperature settings, 4 cup sizes, and a great app that remembers your favorite settings, adjusts the brew sequence and allows you to pre-program. It also features auto-shut off and has a tiny 30-second heat time. It’s the snobby machine for snobby coffee lovers!

Washing Machines & Dryers

  • LG THINQ Washer/Dryer: This system will change the way you do laundry for the rest of your life! You can start and stop wash cycles remotely from your phone, get notifications when a laundry cycle is complete and even get tips and scheduled maintenance reminders to keep the machines running smoothly! The only thing it can’t do is transfer the wet clothes to the dryer and fold them for you, but being able to get those notifications is pretty sweet!
  • Whirlpool Cabrio Top Loading Washer/Dryer: This washer/dryer combo connects easily to your smart home. There are 26 different pre-programmed wash cycles and 23 dry cycles to customize your laundry to your liking. You can even download more specialty cycles from your app, too. Plus, the electric dryer helps ensure balanced tumbling and minimizing noise, start a cycle from anywhere with the app, and get alerts when your laundry is complete with a cycle. There are even diagnostic tools built-in, to make sure your washer and dryer are in perfect condition.


  • LG Hom-Bot Turbo: At first glance, this expensive robotic vacuum may seem overpriced…until you see just what it can do. This isn’t just a super smart robotic vacuum, it’s also a robotic guard dog! The HomeGuard feature can transmit images and video to your smartphone when you park it to guard an area of your home. This can act as a home guard and pet babysitter! Plus, it picks up as much dirt as a regular vacuum, works with Google Home (not Alexa, yet), shows you a map of the areas it cleaned, and can be sent to any room via remote control, plus many other really cool features.
  • EvoVacs DeeBot Ozmo: Using Alexa or Google Assistant, you’ll control your smart vacuum with your voice, commanding it to start, stop and schedule cleaning. If you don’t have a voice command device, don’t worry – you can do the same with the app! Create virtual barriers in your home (for rooms or areas you want it to skip), have it run over an area multiple times (great for high traffic areas), and is really easily told what to do. Plus, it actually does what it’s told!

If you’re upgrading your home to fit today’s technology, consider some of these amazing products that help you save time and money, and help you organize your home while keeping it maintained and running efficiently. Don’t forget!  Fixd Repair installs smart appliances!  Visit Fixd’s Smart Home page to get all the help you’ll need.