Jan 17, 2018

Why Service Pros Choose Fixd Repair

Why Service Pros Choose Fixd

Fixd Repair wouldn’t be Fixd without the Service Pros. These are the team of highly trained professionals that are dispatched to your home to get the job done efficiently and effectively. From heating and cooling to appliance maintenance, the Service Pros are a crucial part of the Fixd team. So what’s it really like to work for Fixd Repair as a Service Pro?

I enjoy working at FIXD: for the culture and what we stand for, removing the high pressure and high price of typical HVAC services and offering an honest and affordable service to customers. – Mike Woodford

Mike Woodford has been working for Fixd since October 2016. Mike says, “I let Fixd do all the job costing and they send me as many jobs as I want to take on. Flexible scheduling and great health benefits are a plus also.”  With Fixd, there is no more searching for, or paying for leads – Fixd provides them for you! You’ll view all of the available jobs in your area, and pick the ones you want to take on. That offers flexible scheduling to meet your needs.

“The technology is the biggest difference.” – Andrew Hinshaw

Another Fix Pro, Andrew Hinshaw, loves working for Fixd because, “It’s a friendly environment with plenty of opportunity for growth. The technology is the biggest difference [from previous service jobs]. Being able to use an app to run my service work is easy and reliable.” The Fixd app allows Service Pros to manage all available and completed jobs. Our convenient app also carries the service orders, so there’s no paperwork to deal with! After just 6 months as a Fixd Service Pro, Andrew notes that the work flow is always available and says that the best benefits are “competitive pay and the opportunity to further my career.” 

“It’s more like working with friends and family vs. companies who only care about money. – Matt Huber

New to the Fixd team, Matt Huber has been enjoying the benefits as a Fixd Service Pro for just 3 months, and already notices the differences. He says, “I believe fixd differs from my past ones due to the organization and ability to help techs have fast response times.” He’s also got a steady stream of work and enjoys learning every day from the jobs. “I truly do enjoy and am lucky to be with Fixd. That’s the truth.”

Work directly as an independent Service Pro, or sign up your entire company for work. When jobs are placed in the app, you’ll be able to either accept them for yourself, or assign them to members of your own team to complete.

When you work for Fixd Repair as one of our Service Pros, you’ll feel good about the honest work you do for your customers, find efficiency in our easy to use app, and find that the organization is unlike anywhere else you’ve worked. What are some other benefits to working with Fixd as a Service Pro?

  • No more searching for, or paying for leads – Fixd provides them for you
  • View all available jobs in your area, so you can choose where you work
  • Manage all available, completed and scheduled jobs within the Fixd app
  • Choose jobs that fit your schedule. The app will keep you on track and on time.
  • Dispatch your technician or take the job yourself via the app
  • Mapping feature gives you directions and locations of your jobs
  • Chat with the customer via the in-app chat feature so you can come prepared
  • Service orders are in the app – no more paperwork
  • Step-by-step walk-through of the job allows you to efficiently get the work done
  • Get paid quickly – payments are made each week for the previous week’s work
  • Payments are made via the app – no credit card transactions or awkward conversations
  • Get rated by customers for every job and keep track of your ratings in the app
  • Better ratings help put you on top for more jobs

Join the Service Pros at Fixd!

Join Mike, Andrew, Matt and the rest of the Fixd Service Pro team and become a Fixd Pro today! Learn more at: https://portal.fixdrepair.com/pro.  Also, check out the Resources page to watch some helpful training videos. And be sure to download the app on iTunes or Android to get started! Welcome to the Fixd Service Pro team – you’re going to love it here!