Oct 11, 2016

Service Pros – The Benefits of Working with Fixd Repair


Calling all contractors and service pros!! We are excited to announce that Fixd Pro iOS and Web Admin are now LIVE! What does this mean for you?
Check out the benefits of working with Fixd Repair as a service pro:

  • No more searching for, or paying for leads – Fixd provides them for you
  • View all available jobs in your area, so you can choose where you work
  • Manage all available, completed and scheduled jobs within the Fixd app
  • Choose jobs that fit your schedule. The app will keep you on track and on time.
  • Dispatch your technician or take the job yourself via the app
  • Mapping feature gives you directions and locations of your jobs
  • Chat with the customer via the in-app chat feature so you can come prepared
  • Service orders are in the app – no more paperwork
  • Step-by-step walk-through of the job allows you to efficiently get the work done
  • Get paid quickly – the day after your work is complete
  • Payments are made via the app – no credit card transactions or awkward conversations
  • Get rated by customers for every job and keep track of your ratings in the app
  • Better ratings help put you on top for more jobs

With Fixd Pro, you’ll get the freedom to accept the jobs you want, in your area. The app manages all of the service orders, plus your ratings and payments for you, so you can focus on what matters – customer satisfaction! Whether you have 100 employees or are an independent contractor, the web platform, and mobile app will help you run your business more efficiently.

Become a Fixd Pro today and join this revolutionary new way to work! Learn more at: https://portal.fixdrepair.com/pro

Check out the Resources page to watch some helpful training videos.

Download the Fixd Pro App from the iTunes Store or log in to your Web Admin account to get acquainted with our system!