Apr 25, 2018

Security and Alarm Systems for Your Home

Security and Alarm Systems for Your Home

Burglary is defined as unlawful or forcible entry or attempted entry of a residence, According to the U.S. Department of Justice, there are over 1 million home invasions per year. Your home is your haven. It’s where you find comfort after a long day at work. It’s where you join your family to create memories. It’s where you store your most precious commodities. Protecting your home from intruders and burglars crucial to your security and safety. With huge advancements in technology, security and alarm systems for your home are easier to install, and harder to crack.

Here are some highly recommended security and alarm systems for your home that offer different perks:

Frontpoint is often at the top of home security system review lists. It’s affordable – as low as $35, and as high as $50 per month. Their customer service sets them apart, and the reviews are pretty stellar. They offer a nice range of packages to suite your security needs. These range from monitored door and window sensors to a full smart home security system that includes home automation, video monitoring and security cameras. They even work with great home tech gadgets like Nest and SkyBell for a complete smart home experience. 

  • Vivint – Energy Efficient Equipment

Vivint uses automated, advanced technology that connects features to your smartphone. Lock doors, monitor security cameras, control your lights and more, all from the app on your phone. Unique to Vivint is their Flex Pay option where you can buy the equipment up front, with no contract, and no additional monthly costs. You’ll pay $40-$50 per month for their highly rated monitoring services. They use energy efficient equipment, and offer a lifetime warranty, as well.

With Link Interactive, you’ll get shorter contract options. This is great for those that want to test it out before committing long term. Alarm monitoring ranges from $31-41 per month. instead of pre-made packages, Vivnt allows customers to create their own, based on their needs. Plus, the simple DIY installation will save you even more money because there are no activation or installation fees. They offer monitored sensors & detectors, video surveillance, home automation control and more.

This company caters to renters and those households that want maximum protection, on a budget. Cellular monitoring starts at only $15 per month and goes up to $25 for mobil access. This is a no nonsense system – no bells and whistles with SimpliSafe. The DIY installation helps keep the cost down, and makes it easy to relocate. This is more of an old-school monitoring system (but still wireless), which might give those weary of technology a little more security.

  • NestIntegrating Equipment

Nest Secure has some really neat and innovative features. For example, the Nest Detect sticks are door and window sensors AND motion detectors in one. Pathlight motion sensors and Quiet Open (deactivating a single door) are two more examples of the great technology Nest offers. Although Nest is a bit more pricey than other systems, if your smart home already hosts the nice array of Nest products, they can all integrate and be controlled by your smartphone. 

  • ADTPopular

ADT has 140 years of home protection experience – making it the oldest, longest lasting security company. Monthly monitoring will depend on your area, but it generally ranges between $37 – $66 per month with a $99 activation charge. They use the technology and equipment from Honeywell – a trusted brand for commercial security systems. The coolest feature is the ADT Pulse, which lets you control the lights, garage door, locks and thermostat from your smartphone with ease.

  • Nexia  – Convenience

Nexia is a great company with budget-friendly plans that offer advanced technology, all in one. The home automation system gives you personalized and really flexible control, whether you’re new to the smart home wave, or want to upgrade, and it’s just $9.99 a month. Blinds can open and close, lights can be automated to turn on and off and much more, all via smartphone. The Nexia HD WiFi Outdoor Camera can be triggered by your smart device and by motion, catching action day or night. In fact, your friends at Fixd Repair will even install it for you!

When choosing a home security system, be sure to consider your needs, budget and capability to handle technology. Every company offers different packages, options and technology with features you may or may not require. Keep your home safe and give yourself a sense of security by upgrading from the “beware of dog” sign on your fence, to a home security system that uses modern-day technology!