Oct 26, 2016

Realtors – The Benefits of Working With Fixd Repair


As a real estate agent, you know that your job doesn’t end after a property has been sold. Offering your clients the peace of mind that their home is fully functioning, efficient and protected will help ease their anxiety over new homeownership or selling their home. That’s why giving them a home warranty plan that is tailored to the resident and home is your best option. Fixd Repair offers more than just security, protection and professional maintenance. Fixed Repair’s innovative and revolutionary services offer more than your client will expect – it’s a better way to home warranty!


Unlike other home warranty companies, Fixd Repair is so sure your client will be satisfied with work they need done, that they offer a guarantee. If the customer is unhappy with the service they requested, Fixd will spend up to $10,000 to make it right. That’s confidence you, as the realtor can trust, too.

Most home warranty companies will hire contractors with the lowest bids to complete the work covered. Fixd Repair, on the other hand, values their contractors and service professionals. Each professional entering your client’s home has had a background check, is up to date on all qualifications, and is rated with each job by the customer. This ensures that only the most capable and qualified technicians are performing work orders.

Easy to Understand

When you sit down with your clients to go over home protection and home warranty options, you need something that is easy for them to understand, and simple for you to explain. There are no complicated terms and no hidden fees with Fixd. In fact, Fixd makes it so easy for everyone, you’ll spend less time answering questions and more time pleasing your clients!

Easy to Use

It’s the 21st Century, where technology is king. Fixd Repair has embraced this fact, and created a revolutionary way to incorporate technology into their warranties. Customers can on on the Fixd Repair app or online to site a problem with their home, and quickly schedule an appointment. When the service technician is on the way, the client is alerted. When the pro is on the way, the customer is notified and can track them to their house, like an Uber car. Payments and invoices are also made easier, because the homeowner doesn’t have to have that awkward conversation with the technician. Fixd takes care of it! Bringing this system into the modern age makes booking appointments for quality service simple and fast. That reflects on you, the realtor, too.


Homes come in all sizes. The coverage that the home warranty company offers is crucial. You want a company that can give the client protection on ALL home warranty basics. Systems and appliances for their home size need to be covered. Added bonuses like special offers for maintenance, home services, products and coupons are things not all warranty companies offer. When you can use a company that covers more than the typical warranty plan, you have a winner!


Your reputation and relationships with your clients are KEY to your long term success. Give your clients what they need when buying and selling a home, then up the stakes by offering a Fixd home protection plan. They’ll be more than satisfied with the service they receive, and you’ll establish a lifetime client that is proud to call you their realtor.