Jan 7, 2020

Real Talk: Is a Home Warranty Right For Me?

Real Talk Home Warranties

A home warranty is offered to homeowners as a way to save money on the costs of various home repairs including the HVAC system, hot water heater, and kitchen appliances. However, like warranties for products, the quality of service, coverage, and cost vary based on providers.

What Is A Home Warranty?

A home warranty is an annual contract agreement between a home warranty company and the homeowner. Coverage typically applies to major appliances, along with plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems that break down from normal wear and tear due to frequent use. However, there are also warranties that have multiple coverage contingencies or only cover appliances. For this reason, be sure you read and understand the details prior to signing a warranty contract.

Home warranty coverage is separate from home insurance. The warranty coverage is offered by a company that provides repair and replacement services that are agreed to.

For example, if your home warranty covers your refrigerator, when a problem arises, you would contact the home warranty company. They would then schedule an appointment for someone to come to your home to make the necessary repairs. If repair isn’t an option, they would replace it with a comparable unit, which would incur a small service fee in addition to the warranty purchase price.

Generally, buying a warranty is worth the money, assuming coverage will include major repairs/issues and that replacement guarantees are valid for a reasonable number of years. In other words, you probably wouldn’t bother buying a one-year warranty because most appliances won’t begin to have problems until a few years into their service life.

Plus, most appliances come with some sort of short-term warranty for free that’s primarily meant to protect you against manufacturer defects that cause issues to occur earlier. That’s why you should always review warranty policies carefully before buying.

How Home Warranties Vary

It’s quite likely you’ve heard stories of how home warranties are not all that great. The truth is, warranties can vary widely and like insurance companies, many home warranty companies routinely deny claims. Why? Because it is more profitable for them to deny claims than making repairs.

However, not all home warranty companies operate that way. Like Fixd, for example. Fixd was established in the best interest of homeowners and we take all claims seriously. We provide warranty coverage that is tailored to fit your needs, too–which means you’ll never pay (or overpay) for protection that you simply don’t need.

To help you save money while promising the best service, we also have in-house technicians. Using our own specialists allows us to keep our costs down, even if the repair is major. That’s why, on average, Fixd users save $250 per call. This also allows us to better accommodate your needs whenever you call in.

Getting an appointment scheduled couldn’t be any easier when you have a warranty through us. Just select a timeframe that works for you and you can count on our technicians to show up to your home within that two-hour window.

Additionally, our pricing is straightforward. You’ll always know what’s covered because coverage details are provided on our website and mobile app in easy-to-understand terms. Plus, if you have questions, our friendly team will be happy to answer them.

Learn more about Fixd’s trusted warranties at www.fixdrepair.com