Sep 22, 2016

What Real Estate Agents Need in a Home Warranty


Real estate agents know that selling a house requires a lot of research, processing, preparation, and staying on top of the market. They also are aware that offering a great home warranty to the buyer can be the key to the final sale. Older homes might leave a buyer skeptical, and a seller nervous.

The realtor can offer protection and assurance. The appliances and systems will be covered by the home warranty. That becomes a comfort to the buyer, a saving grace to the seller, and a magical tool to the agent. Home warranties keep the seller, buyer and agent happy! So, what should a real estate agent be looking for in a home warranty plan? Here are some of the most important factors that will drive up sales and keep buyers and sellers happy:

  • Reliability – Does the warranty company offer a guarantee or other protection? Are the contractors and current clients happy with the services? Being reliable means that the plans and company alike are willing to work with you to ensure satisfaction. It also means that the contractors visiting home have had background checks and are up to date on their qualifications.


  • Comprehensiveness – When a home warranty plan becomes a daunting task to explain, both buyer and seller can get frustrated. Real estate agents need agreements that are simply laid out, where all parties can comprehend the terms. Companies that are upfront with their goals and have no hidden agenda or fees will be much more attractive to everyone. Questions will be asked. The agent should be able to answer them with very little research.


  • Easy to use – A warranty company, like Fixd Repair, offers their clients a technologically savvy and easy way to get what they need. They can simply go on the Fixd Repair app, or online, indicate the problem, book an appointment. The app will then let the client know when the contractor is on the way. It’s that simple. If they need more help, Fixd is there immediately. A program that is easy to use for the client will reflect on you as the real estate agent.


  • Coverage – Homes come in all sizes. The coverage that the home warranty company offers is crucial. You want a company that can give the client protection on ALL home warranty basics. Systems and appliances for their home size need to be covered. Added bonuses like special offers for maintenance, home services, products and coupons are things not all warranty companies offer. When you can use a company that covers more than the typical warranty plan, you have a winner!

Your reputation as a real estate agent is on the line. Give your clients a warranty plan that you would use yourself. Make sure it’s reliable, understandable, easy to use, and covers everything they need. This will ensure the satisfaction of the seller, buyer AND real estate agent!