Mar 25, 2019

Prepare Your Home for Texas Summers

Prepare your home for Texas summers

Texas is a beautiful state.  We boast beautiful Bluebonnet fields, tough cowboys and tougher steer, a colorful wild west history, and some of the most amazing people in the country.  Along with all of these wonderful attributes, is the weather.  Texas weather is predictably unpredictable and reliably unreliable.  If that doesn’t make sense, you probably don’t live in the Lone Star State.  So how can you prepare your home for Texas summers?  Keeping your home happy and healthy with easy maintenance geared for each season, ensures it will stay functional and standing year after year. When you prepare your home for Texas summers, you’re protecting the structure, and those that live inside.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

You’d be hard-pressed to survive Texas summers without a properly functioning air conditioner.  The hotter it gets outside, the harder your A/C system has to work.  It’s safer and smarter to get your system serviced in the spring, to ensure you have a comfortable and safe summer.  Don’t put it off until the last minute, or you could be in for some hefty electricity bills. Schedule an appointment with Fixd Repair, and make sure your unit is running efficiently and ready for a hot summer!  If it’s a minor problem, try troubleshooting yourself! When you prepare your home for Texas summers, make this your first priority.


As the Texas sun seems to get bigger and bigger, so do the bugs.  Here in the south, we have some massive critters that come in droves. They are just as unhappy with the heat as you are, so they want in!  These flying insects don’t knock on the door, though, they just come right in.  Be sure you seal up cracks and crevices around your home, and prep your home with repellant as necessary.  

Seal It Up

Bugs shimmy their way into your home through the cracks…and that cool A/C air sneaks out. Seal up those leaks in the spring, long before summer hits. This will not just keep the bugs out and cool air inside, it will protect you from those infamous Texas summer storms.  Water damage is always a concern, even in the summertime. When you prepare your home for Texas summers, consider the soaking thunderstorms that are inevitable, too.  

Protect the Windows

Your windows welcome the sunlight in the winter and spring, but in the summertime, that sunlight is not welcome!  Keep the heat out of your home by playing trees and large shrubs in front of your windows.  Use heat & light blocking curtains or blinds, and be sure to check the seals on the windows. You may even consider installing awnings or solar screens to maximize the heat blocking.  In fact, using proper window coverings can reduce heat gain by up to 77 percent, according to Consumer Reports!

Outdoor Hydration

Keep your lawn looking healthy and thriving all summer by checking your sprinkler system. If there are leaks or broken pieces, you need to get those fixed quickly.  If water is shooting in the wrong direction or hitting your home, turn the spigot. Don’t waste water, keeping your lawn from being properly hydrated. You’ll also want to check for leaks on outdoor faucets, as well.

Swimming Pool

You’ll be using that swimming pool in no time!  As it heats up outside, you’ll find yourself eyeing your backyard pool more and more. Now is the time to perform maintenance on it, before it gets too hot.  Keep up with your Pool Maintenance to keep your pool healthy.  If you spot trouble or problems, check out Swimming Pool DIY Repairs.  Patch it up and be prepared, so you can dive right in when the weather calls for it!

Ceiling Fans

In the winter, ceiling fans should move clockwise, to push the warm air downward into the room.  During the summer, we want that warm air to be scooped up and tossed away!  Set your ceiling fan to counterclockwise so that the warm air is moved up and away.  Be sure to see How to Clean Ceiling Fans Easily, too, so that you aren’t letting dust buildup and fly around.


It’s heating up out there – be prepared! You’ll be protecting your home, and be able to stay more comfortable when you prepare your home for Texas summers.

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