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Security and Alarm Systems for Your Home

Security and Alarm Systems for Your Home


Burglary is defined as unlawful or forcible entry or attempted entry of a residence, According to the U.S. Department of Justice, there are over 1 million home invasions per year. Your home is your ha...

care for your lawn and garden during spring

How to Care for Your Lawn and Garden During Spring


Finally, Texas, we can go outside and enjoy our beautiful lawn and garden! Spring weather is much more inviting, and offers a lot more color to our outdoor areas.  It also means that there are some s...

The benefits of smart home gadgets

The Benefits of Smart Home Gadgets


In this new age of advanced technology, everything is "smarter." We have smart cars, smart phones, smart watches, and even smart houses! There are great gadgets available now, that can help to creat...

How to Prepare Your Home for Tornado Season

How to Prepare Your Home for Tornado Season


The spring season in Texas offers cool mornings and warmer days. Flowers, birds and bugs begin to make more appearances, and the sun shines just a little longer for us. Of course, there's always a f...

Hosting a college basketball tournament party

Unique Ideas for Hosting a College Basketball Tournament Party


It's game time! If you're a basketball fan, no doubt you'll be gathering your friends and watching the college basketball tournament for the next couple of weeks. Root on your favorite team and enjoy ...

Fixd is Growing! We Are Now in Houston, Austin & San Antonio

After First Year Success in DFW, Fixd Repair Expands to Houston, Austin, and San Antonio


Fixd Repair (Fixd) is an innovative app that is saving homeowners time and money on home repairs. Managing your home repairs can be time consuming, frustrating, and cost you a fortune. Looking for pro...

Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks For You and Your Home

Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks For You and Your Home


March 20th marks the first day of the spring season! The birds start chirping a little more, colorful flowers begin growing, the weather starts heating up and the big seasonal project for your home be...

The True Cost of HVAC Installation

The True Cost of HVAC Installation


HVAC - it's an acronym for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. We rely heavily on the HVAC systems in our homes, especially here in Texas. Extreme weather outside directly affects the environ...

DIY or call a service pro for home repairs

DIY or Hire A Service Pro to Complete Home Repairs?


Homeowners know that taking pride in their domain means staying on track with the upkeep of the home. Whether you're changing the decor to something more popular and modern, or taking care of the main...

DIY: How to replace electrical outlets

DIY: How to Replace Electrical Outlets


Looking for a quick and easy way to spruce up your home with a simple DIY project? When you replace electrical outlets, it can create a more modern look that better fits your decor. If it's been a whi...