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lawn sprinkler maintenance tips

Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance Tips For Summer


Your front lawn is the first bit of curb appeal passersby see. Your back yard lawn is your private oasis. Make sure you're keeping up with your summer yard maintenance, but also paying attention to de...

Keeping your home safe while on summer vacation

Keeping Your Home Safe While on Summer Vacation


That old adage, "better safe than sorry" is more than just a paranoid rambling. If you could do simple tasks to ensure that your home is safe while you're on summer vacation, isn't that worth it? Duri...

The Future of Home Technology

The Future of Home Technology


That longtime childhood dream of living like the Jetsons is becoming more and more plausible every decade. With huge advances yearly in home technology innovations, we're already able to make our home...

Fixd Expands Into New Dallas Offices

Fixd Expands Into New Dallas Offices


  We are excited to announce that Fixd has moved to a new location in uptown Dallas, plus a satellite office in Carrollton for service pros & dispatch!  This move is a testament to the amazi...

DIY Deck & Patio Ideas

DIY Deck & Patio Ideas


Your deck and patio areas probably get used a lot more here in Texas, than other parts of the nation. We only experience colder weather a few months out of the year, and enjoy sunshine and warmth ...


Summer Energy Saving Tips


Summer is just around the corner. Temperature's rising, sticky humidity and a spike in energy bills. By following a few simple tips and tricks provided below, you could save some dollars on your next ...

Easy Summer DIY Weekend Home Projects

Easy Summer DIY Weekend Home Projects


The days are longer in the summer, offering more sunlight and more time to spend sprucing up your home! It's the perfect time of year for quick fixes and DIY weekend home projects. Gather the family f...

Why Home Warranty Companies Need In-House Technicians

Why Home Warranty Companies Need In-House Technicians


What's wrong with the home warranty industry? Let's be blunt here, home warranty sucks for a lot of people. It's one of the must untrusted industries. The warranty company depends on third party pros ...

Smart Home Appliances

Smart Home Appliances


You upgrade your mobile devices like cell phones and tablets to meet the new technology standards, so why not upgrade your home? A smart home can feature everything from smart security systems to smar...

summer yard maintenance tips

Summer Yard Maintenance Tips


Summer is definitely here already in Texas! No more cool mornings and crisp air evenings around here. The days are long, warm, humid and bright, which makes perfect weather for spending a little more ...