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summer yard maintenance tips

Summer Yard Maintenance Tips


Summer is definitely here already in Texas! No more cool mornings and crisp air evenings around here. The days are long, warm, humid and bright, which makes perfect weather for spending a little more ...


HVAC Checklist: DIY Before Calling a Repair Company


The summer sun already here, with record-breaking days and a hot season on the horizon. As Texans, we know just how important our air conditioners are to comfortable living during the spring, summer a...

What Does a Fixd Home Warranty Plan Include?

What Does a Fixd Home Warranty Plan Include?


    Why do I need a home warranty? Purchasing a home is a huge investment, and protecting that investment means keeping up with the maintenance that a home requires. Homeowners need home warranty...

Best apps for homeowners

Best Apps for Homeowners


On average, Americans pick up and check their smartphones over 40 times a day. These necessary smartphones are no longer solely for making phone calls or sending text messages. In fact, we access an ...

What is Fixd Pricing?

What is Fixd Pricing?


A well-balanced household budget can leave you excess money in the bank for traveling, special occasions and unexpected expenses. The truth is, only 1 in 3 Americans actually successfully maintain a h...

Security and Alarm Systems for Your Home

Security and Alarm Systems for Your Home


Burglary is defined as unlawful or forcible entry or attempted entry of a residence, According to the U.S. Department of Justice, there are over 1 million home invasions per year. Your home is your ha...

care for your lawn and garden during spring

How to Care for Your Lawn and Garden During Spring


Finally, Texas, we can go outside and enjoy our beautiful lawn and garden! Spring weather is much more inviting, and offers a lot more color to our outdoor areas.  It also means that there are some s...

The benefits of smart home gadgets

The Benefits of Smart Home Gadgets


In this new age of advanced technology, everything is "smarter." We have smart cars, smart phones, smart watches, and even smart houses! There are great gadgets available now, that can help to creat...

How to Prepare Your Home for Tornado Season

How to Prepare Your Home for Tornado Season


The spring season in Texas offers cool mornings and warmer days. Flowers, birds and bugs begin to make more appearances, and the sun shines just a little longer for us. Of course, there's always a f...

Hosting a college basketball tournament party

Unique Ideas for Hosting a College Basketball Tournament Party


It's game time! If you're a basketball fan, no doubt you'll be gathering your friends and watching the college basketball tournament for the next couple of weeks. Root on your favorite team and enjoy ...