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Importance of Monitoring Swimming Pool Chemical Levels

Importance of Monitoring Swimming Pool Chemical Levels


There's a lot more jumping, diving, floating and splashing in your swimming pool during the warmer months.  Keeping up with pool maintenance is important year-round to ensure a healthy swimming po...


Give Back to Your Community with the #HelpUsHelp Campaign


 #HelpUsHelp  At Fixd, we strive not only to change the Home Warranty industry but we want to help impact the community by making a difference. Our aim is not just to help one individual in need ...

Prepare your home for Texas summers

Prepare Your Home for Texas Summers


Texas is a beautiful state.  We boast beautiful Bluebonnet fields, tough cowboys and tougher steer, a colorful wild west history, and some of the most amazing people in the country.  Along with all...

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting – Common A/C Problems & Fixes


Here in Texas, we embrace several stereotypes.  We proudly say, "Bless your heart."  We love our sweet tea - sweet. Nothing makes us more proud than being a Texan, and our air conditioners are the m...

Air Conditioner Refrigerant Costs

Air Conditioner Refrigerant Costs – On The Rise?


It sure seems like air conditioner refrigerant costs keep climbing year after year.  If it seems that way, it's because they are. There are different types of refrigerants, and the difference in thei...

spring cleaning for home appliances

Spring Cleaning for Home Appliances


Spring has sprung!  It's the time of year when flower blossoms begin to appear. The weather offers warmer days and chilly evenings.  Everything appears to be fresh and new after a long, cold winter....

Fixd is Growing! We Are Now in Houston, Austin & San Antonio

ANGI Homeservices Acquires Fixd Repair


The last 4 years has been an amazing adventure for Fixd Repair.  We've introduced an entirely new way to give homeowners transparent home warranties and dependable home repairs. It all started in Dal...

Money Saving Home Technology Solutions

Money Saving Home Technology Solutions


Living in an age where technology is king might feel like an episode of The Jetsons. Every year, it seems that there's a new invention to added to the list. And it's pretty exciting and fun, isn't it?...

Neighborhood Friendly Smart Home Technology

Neighborhood Friendly Smart Home Technology


Neighborhood Friendly Smart Home Technology  Building on your home's IQ is getting easier every year.  Smart home gadgets, devices, appliances, apps and more are being released in record numbers, w...

DIY: Preparing Your Fireplace for Santa's Arrival

DIY: Preparing Your Fireplace for Santa’s Arrival


That fat, jolly man in red is on his way soon! It's time to start preparing your fireplace for Santa's arrival.  We want him feeling welcome in our homes - the man is bringing us presents, after all...