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How To Prepare Your Pool For Winter

How to Prepare Your Pool for Winter


How to Prepare Your Pool for Winter After the end of a hot summer, you’re probably not planning on using your pool often. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you can forget your pool duties. With ...

Help Us Help - Meet Jeanette

Help Us Help: Meet Our Winner Jeanette


Jeanette’s Help Us Help Story After a difficult season for the past 18 months, Jeanette and her late husband Bruce have been doing little repairs around their house to keep themselves afloat. We’...

Saving Money Like a Boss

Saving Money Like A Boss – 5 Tips On How to Save Money


Are you planning to buy a house, car or a big expense coming up around the corner? A study by GoBankingRates in 2017 found that most people in their early and mid-20s had less than $1,000 in their sav...

4 Tips to Save Energy This Summer

4 Tips to Save Energy This Summer


The sweltering summer heat has arrived, and it is not going anywhere for a few months. With the temperatures as high as they are this time of the year, your HVAC has to work overtime to keep your home...

smart home technology

Smart Home Technology You Didn’t Know Existed


The average American home is getting smarter and smarter. Statista reports that 33.2% of households in the U.S. have smart home devices. By 2023, this percentage is expected to hit 53.9% of homes!  T...


Items You Should Never Put in Your Garbage Disposal


With just the flip of a switch, your garbage disposal can get rid of food waste you don’t want to be left in your trash can. In just seconds, it mashes up and flushes down your scraps however, this ...

vents and ducts

Vents and Ducts Clean Out – Why, When & How


The vents and ducts in your home aren’t something you think about often.  Unless there’s a problem, you generally won’t notice them on a daily basis. General maintenance and a good understandin...

first time home buyer

First Time Home Buyer Tips For Saving Money


Whether your dream home includes a large yard and swimming pool or en suite bathrooms with updated appliances, you have to start somewhere!  When you're a first time home buyer, obtaining that dream...

Importance of Monitoring Swimming Pool Chemical Levels

Importance of Monitoring Swimming Pool Chemical Levels


There's a lot more jumping, diving, floating and splashing in your swimming pool during the warmer months.  Keeping up with pool maintenance is important year-round to ensure a healthy swimming po...


Give Back to Your Community with the #HelpUsHelp Campaign


 #HelpUsHelp  At Fixd, we strive not only to change the Home Warranty industry but we want to help impact the community by making a difference. Our aim is not just to help one individual in need ...