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DIY: Preparing Your Fireplace for Santa's Arrival

DIY: Preparing Your Fireplace for Santa’s Arrival


That fat, jolly man in red is on his way soon! It's time to start preparing your fireplace for Santa's arrival.  We want him feeling welcome in our homes - the man is bringing us presents, after all...

How to fix a leaky faucet

DIY: How to Fix a Leaky Faucet in 5 Steps


Drip...Drip...Drip...Drip. Everyone is familiar with that irritating, frustrating and annoying sound of a leaky faucet. More than a nuisance, it could be your faucet warning you of a more serious issu...

Smart Home Devices for gifts!

Top Ranked Smart Home Devices to Gift This Year


2018 is the year of smart homes.  We've seen some incredible advances in technology for the home, and we'll continue to see that grow.  Smart homes feature interconnected devices and home appliances...

10 things to do to prepare for Thanksgiving guests

10 Things to do Before Thanksgiving Guests Arrive


Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday filled with food, friends and family.  If you have Thanksgiving guests coming to stay at your home this year, there are a few things you can do to prepare.  Besid...

Halloween Home Safety Tips

Halloween Home Safety Tips


Halloween home safety tips are probably not the first thing on your mind this time of year. However, they should be. ADT reports that Halloween night crimes take a pretty big jump.  Vandalism raises ...

Smart Home Thermostats

The Best Smart Home Thermostats of 2018


So, you live in Texas.  You know what it's like to have a 50 degree morning, and 95 degree afternoon. Your thermostat and heating & cooling systems in your home know it all too well. Smart home ...

Preparing your garden for fall weather

Preparing Your Garden For Fall Season


Fall weather in Texas might cause you to roll your eyes.  We don't generally see much of a fall season in our great state. However, the weather patterns are changing and winter is still on the way. ...

Dryer Vent Cleaning

DIY Proper Way to Clean Your Dryer Vent


In a period of only four years, there were an estimated 15,970 home fires that were caused by clothes dryers or washing machines each year. In fact, clothes dryers were the culprit for a shocking 92...

Fixd Has a New App!

Fixd Launched A New Version of the App


Fixd Repair is a different type of home repair and home warranty company for several reasons. One of our most outstanding features is our user friendly, uncomplicated app. Since we're constantly tryi...

Swimming Pool Easy DIY Repairs

Swimming Pool Easy DIY Repairs


Your swimming pool is your summer haven. It's where you lounge in the sun, cool off during hot days, gather around with family and friends for BBQs, and where your children learn to swim. It's that br...