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spring lawn care tips

Spring Lawn Care – 7 Tips For A Healthy Lawn


Spring is upon us, which means the weather is much more inviting and offers a lot more color to our outdoor areas. It also means that there are some special considerations when you are taking care of ...

help us help jones family

Help Us Help: Meet the Jones Family


Angel, her fiancé Gary, and their two children, Tyller and Ruby, are no strangers to hardships these last few years. Gary is a United States Army veteran who served our country in Afghanistan. He is ...

investing your money

Investing – The Basics: An Introduction to Investing Your Money


Money isn't everything, but having enough of it can certainly make life easier and more enjoyable. While your day-to-day job can provide all that you need to live on each month, investing some of your...

Fixd Repair expansion

Four Years of Fixd Repair: Taking a Look Into How We Are Expanding


Fixd Repair was founded four years ago, today, with a big mission in mind: to make managing your home easy and frustration-free. A Texas-based company that started with less than five employees, our f...

home trends of 2020

Four Popular Home Trends of 2020


The start of the year is one of the best times for decorating, and 2020 promises to be full of exciting trends. With the return of dramatic, big floral prints, curvaceous sofas, and wicker furniture, ...


Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detector Maintenance


Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors were created to alert you and your family of potential danger. Too often, we take them for granted – ignoring the annoying “chirps” and “beeps”, ta...

When is a Good Time to Sell a Home?

When is a Good Time to Sell Your Home?


Of all of the factors to consider when placing your home on the market, identifying the right time to sell is one of the most important. Figuring out the best time to sell your home will not only maxi...

Real Talk Home Warranties

Real Talk: Is a Home Warranty Right For Me?


A home warranty is offered to homeowners as a way to save money on the costs of various home repairs including the HVAC system, hot water heater, and kitchen appliances. However, like warranties for p...

Help Us Help Jimianne

Help Us Help: Meet Jimianne


For the past seven years, Jimianne has been a homeowner silently battling problems with her house. A pipe in the wall burst, causing flooding and mold damage throughout the master bathroom and bedroom...

The Ultimate Home Warranty Guide

The Ultimate Home Warranty Guide


Why a home warranty? A home warranty protects your budget from the financial risks of maintaining a home. Yet, most homeowners find warranties confusing. How does it work? What’s the difference bet...