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Appliance Repairs: 5 Oven Hacks


When it comes to appliance repairs, we want to do all we can to avoid them. Eventually, all major appliances will need repairs or replacement. But, we can extend the lives of our appliances by prope...


Fireplace Maintenance: Be Your Own Chimney Sweep


As cooler weather approaches, it’s time to start thinking about your fireplace. You can easily be your own chimney sweep! Keep safety in mind, and choose the cleaning method that works best fo...


10 Tips for Moving House to House


Moving house to house is often a chore that most people dread. It can be back-breaking work, and it’s stressful. You’re calling 20 different places updating your address. Then, you are packing you...


Understanding Your Home Warranty


A home warranty plan might seem like a confusing and intimidating contract. When you understand your warranty plan, you will feel much more comfortable and secure. It will also put your mind at ease, ...


Appliance Repairs: Washing Machine and Dryer Hacks


Washing machines and dryers are not only convenient in the home, but necessary for large households. Having a washer and dryer at home makes life easier and saves your back from overworking hand washi...


Life Hacks To Better Your Outdoor Areas


The outside of your home needs attention, just like the living area inside. Keeping your patio & deck, backyard, garden and home exterior healthy is pretty easy, if you know some simple life hacks...


12 Ways to Save Money on Energy Bills


Sweltering summers can do a number on your energy bill! With the rise in temperature also comes a rise in your electricity bill. So if you’re obsessed with keeping your electric bills lower wit...

Water down the drain of kitchen sink.

Appliance Repairs: Garbage Disposal Hacks


Ahhh, the luxury of a garbage disposal!  If you’ve had to live without one, you know how annoying it can be to scrape plates, clean the trash can and finger out mushy food remnants from the drain. ...

Man looking for food in an open fridge in a dark kitchen late at night.  The man looks like a bachelor.  He is hungry and starving so he is looking for a snack.  The kitchen is dark like it is night time.

Appliance Repairs: Refrigerator and Freezer Hacks


Home appliances are the nuts and bolts of an efficient and comfortable home. Keeping them healthy will help in thwarting potentially expensive appliance repairs services, and extend the life of th...

Man cleaning air ducts in home.

HVAC System and A/C Home Maintenance


Is the increasing cost of your electricity bill getting you down?  With hot summer months hitting hard, you’ll no doubt be running your A/C more often, which means your HVAC system will be kick...