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Service Pros – The Benefits of Working with Fixd Repair


Calling all contractors and service pros!! We are excited to announce that Fixd Pro iOS and Web Admin are now LIVE! What does this mean for you? Check out the benefits of working with Fixd Repair a...


Hurricane Safety Checklist – Prepare and Protect Your Family and Home!


Natural disasters are inevitable. How can you be sure your home and family are safe? The best protection is a plan of action. Hurricanes are potentially deadly, destructive and devastating, so plan...


Lawn Maintenance: 8 Easy Leaf Cleanup Tips


Fall is such a beautiful time of year. It’s also when lawn maintenance can become a serious chore! Leaf cleanup can be overwhelming, but when you find ways to make this task more efficient, yo...


When Do You Need a Home Warranty?


Home warranty. You know what it is, how to choose the best plan, and the benefits of a these services. But when do you need a home warranty? There are several circumstances that will help you unders...


Pool Maintenance: Keeping Your Swimming Pool Healthy


Hot Summer days and warm evenings mean your swimming pool is getting used a lot! Regular pool maintenance is the key to keeping your pool healthy. It doesn’t have to be a daunting task, though...


15 Painting Hacks, Tips & Tricks You’ll Use Every Time You Paint


p>Redecorating and renovating your home can be frustrating and stressful. With these painting hacks, tips and tricks, you’ll lessen that burden. Each of these hacks requires everyday household i...


What Real Estate Agents Need in a Home Warranty


Real estate agents know that selling a house requires a lot of research, processing, preparation, and staying on top of the market. They also are aware that offering a great home warranty to the buye...


Hardwood Floor Care: Easy Maintenance Tips & Hacks


Your beautiful hardwood flooring might need some attention! With just a little assistance, your hardwood can keep their luster, natural appeal and strength for years to come. With these tips, you̵...


Granite Countertop Care: Dos and Don’ts


Granite countertop care is essential to maintaining its life and preserving its beauty. Taking good care of granite is really easy and simple to maintain. There are some tips, however, that you defi...


Curb Appeal: 4 Ideas to Improve Your Landscape


Landscape – it’s the first thing you probably notice when buying a new home. Curb appeal not only creates a more inviting place, it increases and decreases the value of your home. Here a...