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Preparing Your Home For Inspection


Ensuring your home is ready to sell requires a home inspection. This professional inspection will document the overall condition of your property to see that the major systems are installed and workin...

The Best Times of The Year to Remodel & Avoid Stress

The Best Times of The Year to Remodel & Avoid Stress


Renovations to your home can be a welcome fix to space issues, design flaws and the general comfort of your home. Make sure you’re avoiding remodel stress and choosing the best times of the year to ...

How to install laminate flooring

Be Your Own Handyman – How to Install Laminate Flooring


The average homeowner will spend about $2,700 on laminate flooring. When you become your own handyman and do it yourself, you’ll save on the labor costs. Laminate flooring is a popular choice for ho...

Eco-friendly house

Ways to Make Your Home More Green & Eco-Friendly


You may recycle paper and plastic at home and bring reusable bags to the grocery store, and that’s a great start to being more Earth conscious! When you’re ready to make your home more green and e...

How to clean a ceiling fan easily

How to Clean Ceiling Fans Easily


In the Summer, ceiling fans can be a lifesaver. In the Winter, they push that warm air down to keep you toasty. Using ceiling fans to your benefit can bring you year-round comfort, but it can also cau...

Android App now available for Fixd

Android PRO App Now Available for Download


Fixd has some exciting news for Service Pros!  The Android PRO App is now available for download on Google Play!  Just like the iOS PRO App, technicians can manage all of their Fixd jobs effortless...

Winter Garden & Lawn Care

Winter Garden and Lawn Care Tips


Just as the seasons change, so should your gardening and lawn care practices. Taking care of your veggie and flower gardens, and the grassy areas outside of your home during the colder Winter months a...

Snow & Ice Removal & Prevention

Snow And Ice Prevention & Removal Tips


Winter weather means hot chocolate, ice skating, beautiful and peaceful scenery and enjoying fires in the fireplace. It also means standstill traffic, slippery walkways and an added chore of cleaning ...

How to hang Christmas Lights like a Pro

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights Like a Pro


It’s time to let your house shine! If you’re getting in the festive mood and plan to hang outdoor Christmas lights around your home, there are some simple steps you can follow to make your house t...

How to winterize your home and vehicles

How To Winterize Your Home & Vehicles


Whether an unexpected cold snap blows into your area, or you’re hunkering down and preparing for seasonal freezing weather, you’ll need to winterize your home and vehicles. This doesn’t take muc...