Feb 7, 2019

Neighborhood Friendly Smart Home Technology

Neighborhood Friendly Smart Home Technology

Neighborhood Friendly Smart Home Technology 

Building on your home’s IQ is getting easier every year.  Smart home gadgets, devices, appliances, apps and more are being released in record numbers, with prices fitting every budget. It’s super simple to make your home smarter… but what about your neighborhood?  These are the people that live next to you.  They are the folks that borrow a cup of sugar, offer to collect mail when you are on vacation, and mow your lawn when you need an extra hand.  In the 1970s, we had the National Neighborhood Watch Program. Now, we have neighborhood friendly smart home technology.

There are many great devices and gadgets out there that protect your home.  But these are also incredible ways to help keep your entire neighborhood safe.  Consider this – you’re making your house as secure as possible, and that includes protecting and monitoring the areas surrounding your home. That’s your neighborhood!  When neighbors combine forces using technology and vigilance, you’ve just created a modern day Neighborhood Watch Program!

Smart Smoke Detectors

Fires are devastating. Should a fire start in your home, your smoke detectors will alert you. However, if you’re not home, how will you know?  Smart products like the Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm will send an alert to your smartphone. That’s great – but what if you aren’t able to get home to save your pets or valuables in time? 

This is when a great connection with your neighbors becomes truly important. They be able to rescue your fur babies and grab any heirlooms.  And they will also feel more secure, because in alerting them to the fire danger, you’ve allowed them to protect their own homes, as well.  Fires don’t just stay in one place or burn down one house…so your smart smoke detector could end up saving more than just your home!

Outdoor Cameras

Your driveway back and front yards and areas around your home should always be defended.  Unless you can get a permit to build a mote around your home, your best bet is outdoor cameras.  These smart cameras will send an immediate, live feed straight to your smartphone so you can see what’s going on outside at all times.  The Netgear Arlo Pro is very highly rated and offers HD video.

How are outdoor cameras neighborhood friend smart home technology?  Streaming video from outside of your home is pointing away from your home.  Your neighbor’s driveways and front doors are also being recorded.  In fact, the higher up on your home you place the outdoor cameras, and point them downward, the more of your neighborhood will be monitored.  That smart camera you attached to keep an eye on the kids playing in the back yard could end up keeping your entire neighborhood safer!

Ring Neighbors

No doubt, you’ve heard of the Ring doorbell and home security monitor.  Your smartphone will alert you when the Ring camera senses movement near your front door. You can then watch, monitor and even communicate with the visitor.  Another perk – you can alert the police via the Ring App when that visitor ends up becoming an intruder.

Ring will be positioned pointing away from your home, similar to outdoor cameras. That means you’re getting the neighbor’s front doors, walkways, and driveways in the background, as well. You’ll be able to monitor their homes from your smartphone, and vice versa. Multiple camera angles will capture kidnappings on your street, wild animal sightings, or other odd events. This is why asking your neighborhood to invest in Ring and join the Ring Neighbors program is so important.

Since criminals prefer to target neighborhoods, and not just single homes, getting real-time safety alerts from your neighbors is crucial. The Ring Neighbors app helps you see what’s going on in your neighborhood and community.  If there is someone running around that could cause you harm, local law enforcement is able to warn you via Ring. You and your neighbors can discuss concerns, share information and keep every home in the neighborhood safer by communicating on the Ring Neighbors App.

Protecting your home means defending your neighborhood.  Smart home technology has made serious advancements to help us keep our homes safe and our neighborhoods happy and thriving.  Using smart home gadgets to benefit your own house, will also be aiding your neighbors. Jane Austen famously said, “Every man is surrounded by a neighborhood of voluntary spies.”  Today’s neighborhood friendly smart home technology as made that even more true today.

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