Feb 11, 2019

Money Saving Home Technology Solutions

Money Saving Home Technology Solutions

Living in an age where technology is king might feel like an episode of The Jetsons. Every year, it seems that there’s a new invention to added to the list. And it’s pretty exciting and fun, isn’t it? You can now command the lights with your voice, see visitors on your doorstep while you’re away, and even schedule a robot vacuum to clean your home. We can ask questions and get immediate answers from Google or Alexa, video chat with our pets while we’re at work, and stream limitless entertainment on our cell phones. Beyond the fun, some of these things actually help our budgets.  Money saving home technology can lower the cost of living in your own home!

Check out these amazing apps, devices and gadgets for your house.  Money saving home technology could very well already be there in your home, just waiting for you to take advantage of it!

Smart Thermostats

Here in Texas, central heat and air are not just needed in every home, it’s necessary.  Our intense weather patterns call for fluctuating temperatures, which means we’ll often use the heat and A/C in one day. It also means we might crank that A/C 24 hours a day for an entire season. Programmable thermostats can seriously help reduce the cost of your energy bills. Some can even detect when the home is empty, and adjust the temperature accordingly.  You’ll save money by allowing the smart thermostat to monitor your home and comfort.

Power Strips

Did you know that a device or small appliance that’s plugged into an outlet is still drawing power, even when it’s “off”? This might not seem like a lot of energy being pulled.  But those bits add up, and cost you money you could be saving.  Smart power strips are a great solution. They’ll stop that power from being drawn, unlike standard power strips.  Many brands will even offer a solution to the devices that need power constantly (like your home phone or router) by leaving those alone, and blocking power to others on standby.

Power Indicators & Monitors

Along with those power strips, you may consider a power indicator.  The power strip will shut off that excess energy going to your device or appliance.  But the indicator will let you know just how much wattage those items are consuming while they are idle.  This is a great way to figure out exactly what is costing you money on your monthly energy bill. Just plug the device into the power indicator, and it will let you know the “phantom wattage” it’s using. Again, these little bits of energy you’re using really add up, especially when you have a home full of smart devices that require being plugged in.

Power monitors are great for larger items like your microwave or TV.  Not only will it reveal how much you’re actually spending every month because of those appliances, you’ll also see their carbon footprint!  Power Monitors also track the appliances’ usage over time and calculates the dollar amount it’s costing you. Some will attached directly to your home’s breaker panel and send detailed information straight to the app on your smartphone.

Smart Sprinklers

Your lawn requires a specific amount of water, at certain times of the day. It all depends on the type of grass, season and your desired results.  Smart sprinklers can detect exactly when your lawn needs to be fed, and automatically handle that task for you.  This way, you aren’t wasting water, drowning your lawn, or causing your water bill to skyrocket. In fact, when you schedule watering times for your lawns with a smart sprinkler, you could save up to 50% on your water bill. 

Solar Lights

We all know that solar power is far cheaper than our traditional means of electricity.  Installing solar panels and going 100% reliable on the sun for your home’s energy is commendable.  But it’s not always feasible for the average family. You can, however, save a bundle on outdoor lighting.  Solar lights outside will soak up the sun during the day, and keep your home safely lit all night.  There’s no need to keep the electric bill ticking up while you sleep!  Plus, with new weather-resistant solar light products, you can keep these up year-round!

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are breaking out in the industry in record time, every year. These offer convenience, style, reduced carbon footprints, and maybe most importantly to your everyday life – money saving home technology features.  For example, a large-load, high efficiency front loading washing machine will pay for itself in less than 4 years. You can easily save $10-13 a month in water usage with a smart washer.  Plus, you’ll get better efficiency and larger loads, which means you’ll be doing laundry less frequently.

Dimmer Switches

These aren’t your mom’s dimmer switches. They might have been a sexy addition to every home in the 1970s, but now, they got smart! The dimmer switches of today offer so much more than just a romantic setting in the room. Motion detectors on the switches can sense when someone enters and leaves the room, turning on and off as required. They also work in conjunction with smart home hubs, so you can use your voice or trigger a sequence of events to happen (music starts, blinds open, lights turn on, etc.) when it senses motion.  If you are forgetful about shutting off lights, the dimmer switches will save you a ton of money on your electricity bill!

Smart Vents

What if you could pick which rooms to heat or cool, and shut it off in the other rooms?  You CAN! Smart vents do just that – allow you to use your smartphone to shut vents in the rooms you aren’t occupying.  It will also keep you from wasting energy so that your electricity bill fits your lifestyle a little bit better. If you spend most of your time in the kitchen and living room, set the smart vents to heat or cool those rooms more than the others. And since it’s used via app on your smartphone, you’ll be able to change the rooms as you need!

Light Bulbs

We all know that LED light bulbs us 75% less energy than the old incandescent bulbs. But did you know that you can do even more to save on your energy bill?  Smart LED bulbs can be dimmed and remotely controlled.  That means if you forget to turn the lights out, it’s a touch of a button on your smartphone to turn them off. Lighting is a great way to reduce excessive spending.  It’s one of the easiest and smartest money saving home technology solutions.

Ceiling Fans

Even ceiling fans are getting IQ upgrades! Program your ceiling fan light to turn on via your smartphone. Sync the ceiling fans in your home with your smart thermostat to keep your home energy efficient and cool.  You can even link your ceiling fan to door locks, garage doors, window shades, plugs and more, so your home is totally in sync. When it comes to money saving home technology, this might be the most overlooked option. By having remote access to your ceiling fan, you’ll be able to schedule when the fan is on and off..  Plus, most brands exceed Energy Star’s requirement, which means you’ll be saving big money!

Air Conditioners

If you have a fixed income or tight budget, you might consider a smart window air conditioner. This appliance will stay within the budget you give it for cooling.  It works with your schedule and finances to make sure your home is as comfortable as possible, all within the set budget you offer it.

Money saving home technology is becoming more and more accessible to the average household. Although we’re plugging more devices in and charging more gadgets, that doesn’t mean we have to spend more money on water and power to our homes.  Everyone can enjoy the convenience and benefits of home technology, all while keeping budgets in tact.