May 23, 2018

HVAC Checklist: DIY Before Calling a Repair Company

The summer sun already here, with record-breaking days and a hot season on the horizon. As Texans, we know just how important our air conditioners are to comfortable living during the spring, summer and fall months. When temps tip the 100s, you need to be assured that your HVAC system is fully functional and capable of keeping your home cool. Before calling an HVAC repair company like Fixd Repair, there are a few DIY tips that can offer quick solutions for minor HVAC issues. Use this HVAC checklist to keep your system maintained and running smoothly all summer long.

1. Check Breakers

The breaker box, (aka circuit breaker or fuse box) usually trip for safety reasons. Simply reset the breaker, but if it trips again, you’ll need to call in a pro, because there are probably electrical issues that could be dangerous to handle yourself. Flipping the breaker to reset it when your A/C inexplicably shuts off, might just solve the problem easily.

2. Check Batteries

Your thermostat controls your HVAC system. When the batteries are low, be sure to change them regularly. Batteries help keep those set thermostat temps in place when the power goes out, so when it comes back on, you don’t need to tinker with resetting it. When you experience power outages, the thermostat can no longer control your HVAC system, so it can lead to excessive heating or cooling OR no heating or cooling at all. This is a simple fix that is often overlooked, so the next time your A/C shuts off, check the thermostat batteries.

3. Blowing Air

Is the unit blowing air?  If not, it could be the fan motor, fan relay, the thermostat, the transformer or any number of issues. When there’s no air blowing, this means there’s an issue that’s most likely more complicated than a simple DIY fix. Call Fixd Repair and our HVAC pros will come to the rescue!

4. Service Disconnect

Some homes are wired with a switch near the furnace or A/C. This is the service disconnect switch. If it’s not on, the HVAC unit will not run. Simply flip the switch and you’re in business. Be aware, that just like the breaker, if it continues to switch off, you’ll be dealing with more complicated electrical issues and need to call in a pro.

5. Outside Unit

Your HVAC unit is outside, usually on the side of the house. If it’s not running, this could be the service disconnect, thermostat or breaker. Be sure each is turned “on.” You’ll also need to make sure the filter is clean, and there is no debris in or around the unit. Simple, inexpensive filters work just fine, but if you have a pet, consider changing your filter much more frequently. Your HVAC unit sucks are in the sides through the coils, and pushes it out of the top. Leaves, sticks, trash or other debris will disrupt the air flow. 

6. Ice on Freon Lines

Watch for ice on the freon lines. Noticeable ice on the lines could be the result of low freon levels or a dirty filter. Should your freon level be running low, you’ll need to call in a licensed pro to replenish it. A dirty filter restricts the air flow over the evaporator coil, causing it to freeze. A simple replacement filter is the best solution.
When in doubt, always turn to Fixd Repair for HVAC maintenance and repairs. We’re the best in the industry, with the fairest pricing on the market. Run through your HVAC checklist, and if you need help or repairs, we’re only a click or call away. Keep your HVAC system running efficiently this summer, and you’ll stay comfortable and cool, even when it’s miserable outside!