Jun 12, 2018

Why Home Warranty Companies Need In-House Technicians

Why Home Warranty Companies Need In-House Technicians

What’s wrong with the home warranty industry? Let’s be blunt here, home warranty sucks for a lot of people. It’s one of the must untrusted industries. The warranty company depends on third party pros that aren’t necessarily dependable or even background checked. The technicians are contracted and can easily gouge you on the costs. And the homeowner is the one that suffers because of this triangle of conflict. This is why in-house technicians are crucial for a successful home warranty company.


@AHS_Warranty it has been 4 hours and I have not heard from the person who was supposed to help me. This is as timely as the technician who showed up 40 minutes late to tell me you guys won’t pay me anything without looking at my AC. https://t.co/wOz1kSmvL8” Jun 11, 2018 9:13 pm

It’s in the best interest of a home warranty company, to deny your claims. Their business model is centered around making money from payout out less than the cost of your home warranty. That’s why they hire third party pros – quite often the cheapest companies they can find. These companies don’t always give the technicians background checks, keep them updated on regulations and certifications, and don’t really know the people they have working for them. Yikes! 
The pros that are contracted really get the short end of the stick when it comes to working for the average home warranty company as contractors. They don’t make much money and have to endure horrible rates. Because of this, they don’t take their job very seriously and can often skip out on a job, or arrive late to the home. Since the home warranty company has no control over the third party contractors, you won’t find any help from them. In addition, the third party contractor wants to get that claim denied, as well.  That way, they can sell their services to the customer while they are onsite, which means they’re making much more money upfront.
With Fixd Repair, we recognize this web of confusion and created our business model around the customer first. When you have a claim that is covered in your plan, you need that claim approved and paid in a timely manner so you can move on with your life. Fixd has their own, trusted, committed, dedicated team of in-house technicians. Here are some of the reasons this is a win-win-win situation for the company, pro and homeowner:
  •  Decreased costs: When the pros aren’t coming from a contracted outside company, we decrease the margin. This means our pros don’t have any monetary interest in denying a claim.
  •  Guaranteed quality service: That’s right. Your quality service is #1 for us, so we guarantee your happiness and back that up with our Fixd Guarantee.
  •  Precise timing: You’ll get a precise time window with door-to-door real time tracking of your pro. You’ll know exactly when to expect them, and can even remotely follow them before they arrive on your doorstep. That’s a convenience no other company offers.
  •  On-demand services: Fixd wants to create a lasting, trusting relationship with our customers. It’s not in our best interest to alienate homeowners. That’s why we offer on-demand home services, too! This gives the homeowner (that’s you!) a better experience overall, and keeps your trust in Fixd Repair.
Fixd Repair has in-house technicians that are consistently certified, properly trained, background checked and rated by other Fixd customers. This cuts out the middleman and makes your entire experience extremely transparent. That keeps the customer happy, coming back to us, and makes us feel great that we are offering the best possible service in the home warranty industry.