Apr 18, 2019

Give Back to Your Community with the #HelpUsHelp Campaign



At Fixd, we strive not only to change the Home Warranty industry but we want to help impact the community by making a difference. Our aim is not just to help one individual in need but to build trust, support and most importantly a community.

The heart of every family starts with a home – a priceless place to build memories, a place for laughter, a place to love and share. For those who are fortunate, it is a great feeling. However, for those who struggle everyday maintaining basic needs beyond creature comforts, that place seems impossible to achieve. This is where you can help.

How It Works

Every six weeks, we will be giving away one free HVAC unit with installation to someone in need. By nominating a friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor or even a stranger, you’re offering them a chance at a more comfortable summer and a little peace of mind.  

Tell Us Their Story!

If you know someone that you would like to nominate, send us their story to: HelpUsHelp@fixdrepair.com. Each month, we will share the impact that you have made on one individual or family that will be receiving a new HVAC unit and installation.

Follow along with Fixd on this amazing journey and help us spread the word by using #HelpUsHelp on social media. Help Us Help by building a better community.