Nov 19, 2019

Help Us Help: Meet The Poole Family

Help Us Help Poole Family

A New Adventure

As a young couple, Becky, Jason, their two small children and third on the way have been saving up to purchase their first home. They were excited to begin this new adventure with their growing family. However, finding their first house was not a walk in the park. After searching for multiple months, looking at houses upon houses, they came across what seemed to be the “perfect” first home and put in their offer.

Their offer was accepted! Everything seemed to be falling into place. They eagerly packed up their belongings and moved into their very own home. It seemed like everything was falling into place.

A Homeowner’s Nightmare

During the final walkthrough, everything seemed to be in working order, however, it all changed on move-in day. Becky and Jason noticed it seemed to be getting hotter in their home as the day went on and the thermostat showed the temperature was rising. They attempted to fix the problem multiple times but realized the AC was not cooling their house. They called their home warranty company and scheduled a time for them to come look at the system.

A technician came out and determined that their unit needed to be replaced. However, their warranty company would not cover the new unit and Becky and Jason could not afford to purchase a new AC system due to the new move and other financial obligations. Their excitement soon turned into frustration and exhaustion.

Becky and Jason’s realtor and friend, Cerita, was concerned about the family and their situation. She had heard about our Help Us Help campaign and reached out to tell us their story. When we heard about the Poole family situation, we were happy to step in and help Becky & Jason’s family out. Watch their story below:

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