Feb 25, 2020

Help Us Help: Meet the Jones Family

help us help jones family

Angel, her fiancé Gary, and their two children, Tyller and Ruby, are no strangers to hardships these last few years. Gary is a United States Army veteran who served our country in Afghanistan. He is currently dealing with PTSD from his time serving overseas, while their son Tyller has received more surgeries than most people do in their lifetime. However, through all the hardships they have faced, they remain in high spirits. 

Super Tyller

Tyller is a 3-year-old boy with a spunky, energetic personality. You would never know that Tyller was born with Gastroschisis, where his intestines formed outside his stomach. Immediately after he was born, he needed surgery. Tyller has had three more surgeries since his first procedure. Luckily, Tyller’s support system has been phenomenal. His mother Angel, enrolled Tyller in a Gastroschisis program where he received a cape, which he proudly wears every day.

So hot it made the kids sick

The Jones family has been dealing with AC and heating issues in their home for several years now. They continuously had to keep changing out a part here and there to keep their unit running. Last June, their system finally went out and they did not have the funds to purchase a new one. Their winters were spent cuddling up in their living room around a space heater while they spent their summers finding somewhere they could take the kids to get them out of the house, like the library. During the Texas summers, their home would get so hot that it would make the children sick.

Lending an extra hand

Upon the installation of the new HVAC system, the Jones family discovered that switching on their new unit would cause their electrical breaker to go out. We decided to step back in and lend another hand by donating a new electrical system so that they can have one less issue to worry about as they begin the new year.



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