Dec 31, 2019

Help Us Help: Meet Jimianne

Help Us Help Jimianne

For the past seven years, Jimianne has been a homeowner silently battling problems with her house. A pipe in the wall burst, causing flooding and mold damage throughout the master bathroom and bedroom. This forced Jimianne to remove the flooring from the areas the water had ruined. The biggest problem Jimianne faced was with her AC unit. For years, the unit would breakdown repeatedly until it finally gave out.

A life-changing accident

Unfortunately, Jimianne was in a car accident that put her out of work. This left her to deal with repairs around the house with no means to do it.  Without a new AC unit, her house became unbearably hot. As she stated “I would come home to a house that’s 89 degrees and it’s really hot, you can’t even think” which forced her to stay out of the house most days.

Support from the community

During the summers, she was forced to stay at a friend or neighbor’s house so she could sleep comfortably. To escape the heat during the day, Jimianne would spend her time at the local library searching for work and spending time meeting people in her community, including the homeless. Many of the displaced spend their days at the library during the summer to stay out of the Texas heat.

A champion for the homeless

With a loving heart, Jimianne lends a helping hand to the homeless that she meets by purchasing food, taking them to the movie, doctor appointments, the hospital and much more. Jimianne works very hard and is known as a champion for the homeless in her community. She is like a mother figure to many and will always go above and beyond to help anyone. She thanks her mother for always teaching her one important statement, “Someone else is always worse off than you are if you would just look”.

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