Feb 4, 2020

Four Popular Home Trends of 2020

home trends of 2020

The start of the year is one of the best times for decorating, and 2020 promises to be full of exciting trends. With the return of dramatic, big floral prints, curvaceous sofas, and wicker furniture, this year’s trends are showing a shift towards bold color and lots of texture. Here are our top four favorite home trends and tips on how to incorporate them into your home.

1. Blue vision

Classic blue is the “it” color of the year, according to Pantone, the color trend forecasting company. This blue shade, a bit brighter than navy, is a democratic color often used by brands to signify reliability and confidence. It also evokes a feeling of peace and freedom and visions of clear skies and calm waters. As we roll into 2020, we’ll find more of this hue in the design world.

This versatile shade is loved by designers because it’s so easy to pair with. One classic combination is navy with white, which gives a regal look. Pair blue with pastels, and you get a balance of masculinity and femininity. For a touch of elegance, mix blue with cool grays. You can also introduce subtle variations to blue like geometric patterns, florals, and stripes to add extra interest.

If you want to incorporate blue in your home decor but want to start small, use an assortment of accessories. Group lamps, coffee table books, and vases for an instant wow-worthy display. Another easy and inexpensive way to decorate with blue is through textiles – think rugs, runners, blankets, throws, and curtains. A fun way to design a photo wall is with framed art or photography that has hints of blue.

If you’re ready to spruce up a room and add some depth, paint an entire wall blue. Statement pieces like a beautiful blue couch or sofa liven up a living room. If your kitchen could use some zen, try painting its cabinets and surroundings island blue. Options to include more of the trendy hue in your home runs an irresistible gamut from adding in a few signature pieces to the all-the-way navy.

2. Floral fun

Floral is in! Big, bold and moody florals against dark backgrounds are coming home again. Forget the association with older homes or the vintage greeting cards your grandmother used to send. This year’s classic, darker choice has a calming effect on any space and can give you a burst of happiness every time you walk in.

But a word of caution: since the trend popping up everywhere is of a larger scale, you’ll want to design the rest of the room with a clean look so that nothing clashes with the print. It is overwhelming to have too many florals on all walls, so you might want to do just one wall with floral wallpaper and the rest in a neutral color.

To incorporate the floral print in your home, designers are suggesting flower-strewn walls in entryways for a scene-stealing entrance. You can create a blooming, beautiful bathroom, powder room, laundry room, or even a mudroom using floral wallpaper. Another way to use the print is as a mural for an exquisite headboard. Add in soft, muted bed linen and you create a dramatic statement in the bedroom. Use framed panels of floral wallpaper to get the same effect without the lifetime commitment.

3. Curves are having a moment

Curves inspired by geometry, which were popular in the 70s, are now making a major comeback. Curved lines and shapes soften hard surfaces and create a space feel comfortable and inviting. You’ll see a lot of rounded archways, curved walls, and circular windows this year. The trend is exceptionally red-hot in upholstery, which is easy to incorporate if you can’t change the structure of your house.

Use the curves in any room you want to make a statement. For example, show your glamorous side with an occasional chair in a gorgeous rich velvet or circular side table for a retro vibe in the living room. Swap out your rectangle divan in an oblong or oval variant. It’s time to embrace femininity in all its curvy splendor.

4. Wicker nation

We are seeing a resurgence of woven furniture and accessories that align with the demand for natural, organic designs. But make no mistake – woven can mean rattan, cane, and wicker, which are all different.

Wicker is the process of weaving. Rattan, a fibrous plant mostly found in the Southeast Asian rainforests, is an actual material. Meanwhile, chair caning is the craft of applying rattan cane or peel to a piece of furniture, like for the back of chairs. All are lightweight, durable, flexible, renewable, and biodegradable. They are also versatile materials that can be used indoors or outdoors – though not waterproof, so they need to be moved in a dry place during bad weather.

If you’re going for all things palmy and botanical, rattan pairs nicely with some leafy greens and earthy palettes as well as natural materials like wood, linen, and cotton. If you’re into a spartan setting, cane can add a balance of craftsmanship and texture to your space. You can opt to use woven pieces in small ways such as adding lamps, vases, storage baskets, plant stands, side tables, and party trays.

If you want to take that bohemian bull by the horns and go big, place a rattan bed for textural contrast to a bedroom or update your open space living room with an oversized wicker screen. Simple additions like a hall bench, wardrobe, cabinet, chair, or credenzas will fit into any setting because natural materials pack punches without adding visual weight to a room. You can find rattan, wicker, or cane decor in vintage or modern styles and easily bring in the soul of nature into your home.