Mar 6, 2017

Fixd Repair Testimonials – What Customers Really Think!

Fixd Repair Testimonials

Fixd repair is a home services and home warranty company that uses mobile and web applications to connect homeowners with licensed and background checked service pros. We provide superior pricing and unmatched customer experience to homeowners in need of high trade skill repairs such as HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Appliance, and more. Fixd gives homeowners a fair rate, versus other service companies that tack on excessive fees, arbitrary work that doesn’t need to be done, and up-charges you for repair parts.

Users can access our service 24/7 through our mobile app or website. Homeowners looking to reduce their exposure on costly home repairs can purchase one of our home warranty programs online,  through the app, or through your Real Estate Professional. As homeowners ourselves, we understand the cost of maintaining a healthy home and will never let our customers be taken advantage of when they need us the most.


What can Fixd do for me?

It’s pretty simple. Our mobile applications allow homeowners to manage one or multiple properties, easily and for reasonable rates, not the outrageously high retail rates service companies are charging. As a Real Estate Professional, you FINALLY have a home warranty program that is not interested in hiding until it’s time for a renewal and denying claims. We want customers to keep using Fixd, whether they have a home warranty or not, so it’s crucial to our business that every customer has a great experience.

Fixd Repair Testimonials

What we do

Fixd allows customers to schedule service, chat with your pro, geo-track your pro to the job, review and approve work orders from anywhere, and pay for service all through one easy to use app. Customers that are buying a new home or simply interested in having a “Fixd” budget can purchase one of our home warranty plans. This means you only pay a $50 service call fee on covered repairs when something is wrong, not the entire cost of the repair.

Fixd testimonials

How we save you money

When our highly qualified and background checked service pros sign up to get our jobs for free, we are capping their hourly rate so they can only charge a max of $125 per hour, but can set their rate as low as $50 per hour. We also cap the hours allowed per repair or maintenance so the homeowner can not be overcharged or taken advantage of in any way. And, we limit any markup the service pros can put on parts. Maintaining these caps gives us the control to offer you the best deal at fair, comfortable prices.

Fixd Repair Testimonials

Fixd Repair Testimonials

How we save you time

Finding an affordable and reliable service pro is not easy and can take up lots of time. Searching through Google, Home Advisor, Angie’s List, Yelp and any other service that allows contractors to pay their way to the top is a waste of time. Once that step is done, you still have to get quotes or have 3 people come out to give you an estimate on the repair. We wanted to take the Uber approach. You deal directly with us, we vet all of the pros, we assign you a pro based on their rating and availability and you just have to sit back and tap a few buttons. It’s really that easy. Oh, and if something does happen and you’re not happy, we offer a $10,000 satisfaction guarantee! That’s how confident we are in our services.

Fixd Repair Reviews

Why Fixd is so easy to use

Anyone can use Fixd whether you have a Fixd Home Warranty plan or not. You can book a service appointment online with a few clicks, or download the mobile app on Android or iOS. We collect all the necessary information for our service pros and with a few taps or clicks your job is booked sent out to our pro network. In a matter of minutes one of our highly qualified and background checked pros will pick your job up. When the pro is on the way, the app will send you a notification so you can track their arrival. At work, on vacation or managing one of your rental properties? Don’t sweat it. Our pros can send you a work order through the app for approval as long as someone 18 years or older is at the home. When the work is done you can simply pay with a credit card and the app keeps track of all your service work so you can reference records at any time.

Fixd Repair Testimonials

Whether you need a specific service, or home warranty plan, Fixd is here for you with fair rates, an easy to use “Uber” like app and a guarantee on our work.  Real Estate Professionals finally have a solution that gives their clients an easy to use home warranty program and much more.  As busy homeowners ourselves, we understand the challenges with finding a reliable and affordable service pro. Don’t waste any more time searching and sifting through leads. #GetFixd and discover a whole new way to manage your home. Visit Fixd at