Mar 12, 2018

After First Year Success in DFW, Fixd Repair Expands to Houston, Austin, and San Antonio

Fixd is Growing! We Are Now in Houston, Austin & San Antonio

Fixd Repair (Fixd) is an innovative app that is saving homeowners time and money on home repairs. Managing your home repairs can be time consuming, frustrating, and cost you a fortune. Looking for pros, asking for quotes, getting ripped off – these are just a few of the issues millions of homeowners go through every day.

This is why Evan Myers and Brandon Bohannan started Fixd- a home services app that offers home warranty plans to give customers a “Fixd Budget” on repairs and connects homeowners with service pros that can only charge homeowners a flat fee on repairs. That’s right! No upselling and no price gouging. Fixd doesn’t even mark up the parts.

“We want to make owning a home easier and more affordable than ever before.

When you take our technology and combine that with our home warranty, 

home maintenance, and home service solutions you get a home management tool

that is unmatched in the marketplace right now. We are doing things no other home warranty company

and no other home services company have done before. We are disrupting these industries

with our technology, quality of service, and pricing transparency.” – Evan Myers

Fixd is proud to announce that they have expanded across Texas! Not only will the Dallas/Fort Worth area continue to receive outstanding service and warranty plans, Austin, San Antonio and Houston have now joined in on the Fixd revolution. Fixd Repair is an innovative tech startup that is growing and expanding All four major cities are now linked into the Fixd home warranty and on-demand home services program. When you need annual or emergency repairs done on your home, Fixd is now more accessible to homeowners all across Texas,  Real Estate Professionals and homeowners can now purchase home warranty plans within these cities, as well.

Homeowners without a home warranty can still utilize the Mobile app and online tool to book an affordable home service professional. Fixd home services include HVAC, electrical, plumbing, appliance repair, pool & spa, and garage door repair and more.

This one of a kind new company is combining home warranty and on-demand home service to save consumers from the unexpected cost of repairs and to give homeowners a property management tool that will allow them to book a qualified, insured, and background checked pro without the hassle of searching for one and without being price gouged. Realtors using Fixd finally have a full-service solution to provide to clients that won’t stop after the home warranty expires. Service professionals (pros) that do great work but don’t have large advertising budgets can now pick up more jobs for free.

Home Warranty

The majority of home warranty programs want consumers to call an 800 number or use an online system that typically lands you on the phone with a representative. Fixd is taking an “Uber” like approach to dispatching service pros. Customers with Fixd home warranty plans can file claims through the app or online. The jobs are sent to the Pro network to pick up. Customers using the app can view the Pro details, securely chat with and track their Pro, sign and approve work orders, and pay when the work is complete. The free, user-friendly app is a completely fresh look for the home warranty industry and puts a twist on the on-demand services industry.

“Our goal is to change the way people perceive home warranties. We believe our

technology eliminates the headaches associated with scheduling service pros and

the inconvenience of having to sit around waiting for a technician to show up,” says

Brandon Bohannan, Co-founder of Fixd. “Unlike other home warranty programs, if

something is not covered we don’t leave it up to the repair company to give our

homeowner an astronomical quote to fix the issue, we are giving customers our low

warranty repair rates and working directly with them to solve the issue right then

and there.”

On-demand Service

Many consumers and homeowners have used a home service listing like Angie’s List or Home Advisor to connect with service Pros. The problem with these types of lists is that they simply act as a glorified Yellow Pages. Homeowners using list-based services still have to spend time sorting through Pros, and decide on quotes that typically vary quite a bit. Not only is this frustrating, but it leaves the customers unsure about the fair market value of the job, and the cost of the repairs or services.

“In today’s on-demand society, you can get just about anything you need delivered to you

through an app. So why would home services be any different? Spending time

searching and gathering quotes from multiple contractors is a pain. That’s why we created Fixd,” says Evan Myers.

“We want to give homeowners the ability to book their job in seconds with the confidence that

they won’t be overcharged. At the end of the day we want to give every homeowner in America

the ability to manage their home repairs and services with confidence from their phone with the Fixd app.

Whether they have a home warranty or not, we want every person’s first thought when something breaks in their home to get it Fixd.”

Whether a homeowner needs services or repairs, a real estate agent wants something more to offer their clients, or a service technician needs an ethical, stable company to work with, Fixd Repair offers it all. Fixd’s innovative and contemporary take on the home warranty and home services industry brings the consumer into the 21st century with ease. If you need a home warranty or something in your house is broken, get it Fixd.