Sep 4, 2018

Fixd Launched A New Version of the App

Fixd Has a New App!

Fixd Repair is a different type of home repair and home warranty company for several reasons. One of our most outstanding features is our user friendly, uncomplicated app. Since we’re constantly trying to improve our company and the services we offer, Fixd is rolling out a complete app redesigning for Android & iOS.

Everything we do is to make managing your home repairs easier. The new design will help us, help you even more and easier!  Our new app enables our homeowners to get a better experience when getting through their house repairs “to-do list”:
Design: Our simple design is intuitive, and makes the Fixd app delightfully easy to use. You don’t need to be a technology pro to operate the app!
Details: All repairs can be booked through the home screen in seconds. We removed more of the traditional barriers to scheduling home services like researching, calling, and getting quotes. We’ve added an optional area to add photos & special instructions, which allows us to better diagnose the problem before we get out to the home. That helps us speed up the repair time, and lets us come more prepared.
Transparency: We have updated our Fixd-rate pricing! It’s now even easier to search and find the home repair that you want, and know the prices because they are all on the app!  
Management: We have improved the ability to manage your account, add personalized plans & addresses, as well as tracking all of your completed work. You have all your repairs and maintenance all in one place on the app!
These changes and upgrades were all made with you, the homeowner, in mind. We hope the new app continues to help us remove frustration for users managing their home, and finally makes checking off your house to-do list a great experience!

Download the Fixd Repair App

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