Jul 11, 2018

Fixd Expands Into New Dallas Offices

Fixd Expands Into New Dallas Offices

We are excited to announce that Fixd has moved to a new location in uptown Dallas, plus a satellite office in Carrollton for service pros & dispatch!  This move is a testament to the amazing growth of the business and public demand of our services. Over the last few years, Fixd has expanded our services from the original Dallas/Fort Worth location.  We now offer services in Austin, Houston and San Antonio, as well. Our new Corporate HQ in Dallas and Satellite Dispatch office in Carrollton will help to oversee all of our locations throughout Texas, and accommodate employee growth at the same time.

“In the past 6 months we’ve expended into 3 new markets, adding Austin,
San Antonio & Houston to Dallas where we launched to the public in January 2017.
This time last year we had less than 10 employees, now we have over 75! These two
offices help us move forward as continue to go through this exciting growth
stage here at Fixd – we want to keep improving our technology allows our homeowners to have
a better home services and home warranty experience.”
– Evan Myers, Fixd Co-Founder

The new Fixd HQ office is the perfect place for the exciting future of Fixd and the challenges ahead. In fact, our employees have given Fixd a five star review on Glassdoor!  One employee said, “Great place to work, great atmosphere! A place where you can come in and do your job and feel good at the end of the day!” Another employee reviewed their experience and stated, “Great way to test skills and grit in a fast-paced environment. Amazing company culture, uplifting, high-spirited attitude at all times.” Fixd prides itself on creating an awesome work environment every single day. Not only do we want to ensure that our employees are productive and happy, this new HQ office has a welcoming, open and sleek design, and also has office Segways – for those looking for alternative methods of transport! 

Our awesome HQ is located at: 4514 Travis St, Suite 200, Dallas Tx, 75205 

Sattelite Dispatch Office: 1313 Volwood, Suite 324, Carrollton tx, 25006