Aug 13, 2018

How Fixd is Disrupting The Home Warranty Industry

Wyatt Earp once said, “Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” When it comes to your biggest investment – your home – you need confidence in your home warranty company. You want the job done quickly, so you can get on with your daily routine, but you need it done correctly, too.  At Fixd Repair, we understand the balance of speed and accuracy,  and modeled our home services and home warranty company around the needs of the homeowner.  And in doing so, we have disrupted the home warranty industry.
Fixd is changing the homeowners experience when it comes to warranties. We recognize that many homeowners are first time buyers, and are not aware about the home repair or warranty process. Naturally, they have very high expectations based on promises from other warranty companies. This is, after all, their largest investment and they want repairs done quickly. Unfortunately, many of these promises are unrealistic and broken, leaving the homeowner frustrated. It is because of these poor experiences and other companies unreasonably denying claims, that Fixd was created. We set those expectations at a healthy level by giving it to our homeowners straight. 
90% of jobs are completed within one day of being scheduled.  That’s a lot quicker than other home warranty companies can promise. Efficiency is the key, and having our own in-house techs gives us a leg up on getting the work you need completed in a timely manner. Our technicians are standing by, ready to move when you schedule an appointment. Other companies can take weeks to get an unknown third party technician to your home, and can’t guarantee the work that is done. This sets us apart from every home warranty company in the industry.  Read more about why our in-house techs make such a difference HERE.

In full transparency, a little under 5% of our jobs take more than 5 days to complete. Not all jobs are the same. While fixing a broken appliance may take a day, rewiring electrical work is a much bigger job.  Some require the time to order parts. Others require a bit more patience during busy periods like A/C work during the summer. We’ll always be upfront and honest about the expectations you can have when book a repair with Fixd.

We are constantly working very hard to offer our homeowners a faster, better warranty experience. That’s what makes Fixd so different – we focus on what’s best for our homeowners and their needs, and are always improving on the efficiency of our services.  Give us your trust, and we’ll give you our time.