Nov 13, 2017

How to Find The Right Real Estate Agent For You

How to find the right real estate agent

Homeownership is one of the biggest stressors for Americans. Whether you’re selling your home, or buying a new or existing house – it’s a stressful process. That’s why having a knowledgable and friendly real estate agent on your side makes a world of difference! When you pick your home buying or home selling professional to stand by you for the long haul, will they be the right one? Here are some tips on how to find the right real estate agent for you:

  • Strong & Professional: You may have a family friend or neighbor that dabbles in real estate on the side. A close friend might even have their license and want to help you. When it comes to such a huge decision in your life – whether buying or selling – stick to the professionals that get the job done. Don’t gamble on a friend out of loyalty, because you might be risking a lot. Real estate can be cut throat and pretty aggressive. When you find the right real estate agent, they will be strong enough to negotiate, not become intimidated, and maintain professionalism. That means they will always be on your side and fight for what you need and want in the process. Experience plays a huge role in this decision, as do the real estate agents that stay busy. Experience + Success = the right real estate agent.
  • Computer Savvy: A couple of decades ago, a real estate agent could put a “for sale” sign on your front lawn, then wait for it to sell.  Nowadays, we live in a technologically advanced world. Being capable of not only using the most current software with ease, finding unique avenues for research on the internet and having a great sense of social media trends sets great agents apart from the rest. Pick a real estate agent that is constantly learning and trying new things. Marketing isn’t just a sign or flyers anymore, so the more they know about using social media, the better. Watch their Facebook and Twitter accounts to see how they list and interact with potential clients. Ask them about the latest real estate statistics or methods for selling homes. The more willing your agent is to stay up to date and computer savvy, the better the chances you’ll have with success.
  • Above & Beyond: The process of buying a house doesn’t end when you sign the dotted line. Your real estate agent should be going above and beyond to talk to you about warranties. Home warranties help you protect that home you just purchased, so when your real estate agent takes that extra step, you know they care about more than just the sale. If they don’t already, ask them to talk to Fixd Repair and get you the best home warranty possible, at the best price!
  • Motivation: The average real estate agent will sell about 4 homes a year. This means that you could account for 25% of their income for an entire year. Are they putting in extra effort to sell your home or find you the dream house you want? When a real estate agent’s motivations are fueled by more than just financial purposes, you have a winner.  A stellar agent will want a lasting relationship with you and go above and beyond simply searching the MLS for a home. They will directly contact homeowners in the neighborhoods you want, pound the pavement for the best deal with the most amenities you desire, and seek out homes that aren’t on the market yet. 
  • Shop Around: Don’t be afraid to “shop around” for the real estate agent that’s right for you. Talk with multiple agents until you find the right fit. Ask them for a list of recent references. Find out their game plan for your specific needs. Get a list of their recent sales and as many specifics as they can offer. Are they asking you questions just as much as you ask them? A properly motivated real estate agent will be just as inquisitive as you are!
  • Personality Plus: One of the most obvious, yet important factors in how to find the right real estate agent is their personality. You want this process to be comfortable for you. It’s a long road, so travel it with someone you enjoy spending time with, instead of just settling. 

When you’re shopping for a new  home, or in the process of selling your existing home, get a real estate agent that is right for you. They should be strong and professional, and wiling to negotiate. You’ll want them to be computer savvy and go above and beyond the purchase or sell. Be sure their motivations are genuinely in your favor. And shop around until you find the right real estate agent for you!