Dec 10, 2018

DIY: Preparing Your Fireplace for Santa’s Arrival

DIY: Preparing Your Fireplace for Santa's Arrival

That fat, jolly man in red is on his way soon! It’s time to start preparing your fireplace for Santa’s arrival.  We want him feeling welcome in our homes – the man is bringing us presents, after all!  Last year, we covered the importance of preparing your roof for Santa’s landing. This next preparation is just as important, to be sure he is able to safely enter your home via the fireplace.  If you don’t have a fireplace, don’t worry – he’ll simply use his magic to sneak in. You’ll want this experience to be welcoming, memorable, safe and fun for Mr. Claus, since it only happens one night a year. 

  1.  Christmas Eve is an exciting night – but it’s most likely going to be a chilly one, too.  Should you celebrate with the warmth of a crackling fire, be sure that it is completely extinguished before heading off to dream of sugar plums. When preparing your fireplace for Santa’s arrival, keep this in mind.
  2.  Saint Nick arrives via sleigh on top of the roof, and enters through the chimney.  Now is the time to make sure your chimney is in good condition and doesn’t need any quick maintenance repairs. We don’t want Santa getting stuck or excessively dirty on his way into your home. Here are some tips on being your own chimney sweep.
  3. He knows what you want for Christmas, and you know what he wants – COOKIES!  The most inviting image for Santa to see when he first emerges from the fireplace is a plate of cookies.  Be sure to leave him a kind note, thanking him for stopping by next to the plate of treats. By the way, Santa will eat any sweets you leave for him, and wash them down with just about any liquid. We suggest staying within the cookie and milk genre as close as you can, though.
  4. Those stockings you hung by the chimney with care may look beautiful and decorative.  But don’t forget that they are also functional. First, be sure they are secured nicely on the mantle. You don’t want them falling into a hot fireplace, even after it’s extinguished. Secondly, consider hanging them in a flanking pattern, on the sides of the opening of the fireplace.  Not only will this ensure they can’t fall in, but when Santa comes in and out, he won’t bump his head or have to shimmy around them when he leaves. 
  5. An atmosphere of love, light and peace is what Santa wants to see when he enters your home. Make sure you tidy up the room, and prepare it for your magical guest.  Neatly place gifts under the tree.  Check that your tree-topper is upright. Clean up snacks and beverages you may have enjoyed. You may consider leaving a heavy throw or blanket on a comfy chair, in case he wants to take a load off, enjoy the cookies you left, and warm up before moving onto the next house. An inviting space is not only fun for your family on Christmas morning, it’s motivating and comforting for Santa.
  6. Now and then, a little breather is necessary for Santa. He is flying all over the world, delighting children (and adults!) all night.  However, he’s a busy man, and cannot stop for long periods of time.  Make sure you have left plenty of room for him to enter with his huge, red sack of toys and goodies.  Test it out yourself to see if you’re able to efficiently stuff stockings, then move freely to the tree to unload gifts. Move large furniture and decorations that might impede his speedy delivery and become a hazard.
  7. Candles and the lights on the tree make for a festive atmosphere in your home during the holidays.  Santa’s number one concern is making you happy, but his next is safety. He’ll be more jolly if you blow out candles and turn off your Christmas tree lights before heading off to bed. 

Begin preparing your fireplace for Santa’s arrival by the second week of December. This way, should you need to make adjustments to your decor or Christmas Eve plans, you can incorporate these tips in plenty of time. Make this year the best experience for Santa. Have a holly jolly Christmas from all of us here at Fixd Repair!