Feb 23, 2018

DIY or Hire A Service Pro to Complete Home Repairs?

DIY or call a service pro for home repairs

Homeowners know that taking pride in their domain means staying on track with the upkeep of the home. Whether you’re changing the decor to something more popular and modern, or taking care of the maintenance that it requires, homeowners will happily strap on a workman’s belt, grab a hammer and go to work. Simple tasks like changing outlet covers or painting the bathroom might are easy DIY projects. On the other hand, replacing windows or repairing a faulty oven may require a professional. But how do you know when to DIY or hire service a service pro to complete home repairs? There are some factors to consider before deciding if you’re cut out for the job, or should call in a service pro to take over.

DIY or Hire A Service Pro – Things to Consider

  • Are you capable?

 Consider your background, skills and health before deciding to DIY or hire a service pro to complete home repairs. If you have a background in putting up drywall or fixing a foundation, you may have the know-how to complete the job yourself. Perhaps you grew up with a DIY family and acquired some handy skills. Your health is also a factor. Will you be able to climb a ladder to install new gutters, or have a steady hand for complex electrical work? DIY might seem more affordable, but consider potential errors you might make. This could cost you more in the long run. If you have any doubts about the project, it’s safer to call in a professional.

  • Do you have the time?

Research the complexities of the project you’re considering before beginning. If you’re learning a new skill, like installing a new toilet, this will most likely take more time than you first assume. If you are retired or will spend your vacation time on this project, then time may not matter as much. However, a weekend-only project can potentially last for months since it’s only being done a couple days a week. A service professional’s full-time job is completing these projects, so they’ll get done much quicker and efficiently.

  • Is it dangerous?

Saving money by doing DIY projects around your home is great incentive. However, when safety becomes a factor, that should take precedence.  Electrical projects can easily become fire hazards. Plumbing repairs could lead to water damage. Consider HVAC maintenance. These repairs can include several facets of home repair: electricity, plumbing and natural gas. That’s a recipe for serious damage to your own health and your home, should something go wrong. 

DIY or Hire A Service Pro

After taking the considerations of skill, time and safety into your decision, you’re ready to make a decision on whether you’ll DIY or hire a service pro for the job in your home. If you have ANY doubt about a project, error on the side of caution and call in a service pro to complete the job.

Free Printable Reference Sheet

DIY or hire a service pro for home repairs

Print this reference sheet and keep it in your garage or toolbox.  The next time a project is needed around the home, you’ll know whether you should try it DIY or call in a professional!