Sep 1, 2016

Curb Appeal: 4 Ideas to Improve Your Landscape


Landscape – it’s the first thing you probably notice when buying a new home. Curb appeal not only creates a more inviting place, it increases and decreases the value of your home. Here are four tips to help improve the landscape of your home, and bring that curb appeal up!

1. Lighting – Landscaping isn’t just trees and shrubs! Add some inviting lighting to the entrance of your home! A light post will help illuminate the walkway and front door – creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. Walkway lights are also fun and tasteful. This allows visitors to feel more welcome when approaching your home at night. Lighting helps to showcase your home, and creates a more comfortable environment for your guests.

2. Mailbox – A high quality mailbox and post can say a lot about your home. Allow this simple, often overlooked thing to add value to your home! Pick a quality material that will look great, and compliment your home. You’ll also want to be sure it can withstand inclement weather, since it’s outside. It’s a great introduction to the family that lives inside – so make it stand out!

3. Privacy – If you feel the need for a bit more privacy from your neighbors, consider trees! Getting Evergreens that stay green all year is your best bet. There are a lot of great, aesthetically pleasing choices, depending on where you live. Beautiful trees can lend aid to privacy and be a functional addition to your yard.

4. Garden – A beautiful, well-maintained garden can really add to your landscape. Pick an area that will be convenient, accessible, and visible to guests. Strip the grass, till the land, and begin to grow! Whether you choose flowers that compliment the seasons, herbs or vegetables, a garden will add value to your home.

Your home’s landscape is the first thing people notice about it. Improving the curb appeal will create a more inviting experience for guests, and add value to your home.