Jan 11, 2017

How to Clean Ceiling Fans Easily

How to clean a ceiling fan easily

In the Summer, ceiling fans can be a lifesaver. In the Winter, they push that warm air down to keep you toasty. Using ceiling fans to your benefit can bring you year-round comfort, but it can also cause them to get extremely dirty and dusty! Here are some quick and easy ways to clean your ceiling fans:

  • Pillowcases – Use pillowcases to clean your ceiling fans within seconds! Just slide each blade into the opening of the pillowcase, hold the end of the fin, and slide the pillowcase along the blade. The dust stays inside the pillowcase, and is easy to shake out and wash with your laundry! You can also spray the inside of the pillowcase with a water and vinegar mixture to really get a nice sparkly clean on each blade.
  • Vacuum – If your vacuum has a dusting or ceiling fan attachment, you’re in luck! Even a wide and flat brush attachment will do the trick. Reach up with the nozzle and run the brush attachment along each blade, making sure to get the sides of the fins and the center of the fan.
  • Duster – A long-handled, magnetic duster is an easy way to clean ceiling fans. Swiffer dusters can also work just as well, though you’ll need a handle extender or a taller ladder. Magnetic dusters use static charges to attract and grab onto dust, so you’ll just slide that over each fin and around the center of the fan to remove the dust! You’ll want to “charge” the magnetic duster first, so place it in a plastic bag and rub it back and forth. Static electricity will form, which will put up the dust, but can also be harmful if it touches metal, so keep that in mind.
  • Tongs – This idea may seen odd, but having this little homemade device can actually help you clean window blinds, as well as your ceiling fan. Take BBQ tongs, and wrap each side with a hand towel or washcloth. Use rubber bands to secure the towels in place. You now have a tool that you can spray down with cleaner, and use for easier cleaning! Just place the fan blades in between the tongs and clamp down. Run the tongs along the surface of the fins, and you’ll have a clean ceiling fan again!
  • Paint Roller – Wrap fabric softener/static cling sheets around a paint roller with an extendable handle. Secure them with rubber bands, and slide the roller along both the top and bottom of the fins, plus the sides! Voila! Your ceiling fan is clean!

Simple items you most likely already have in your home will help you clean your ceiling fans with ease! You don’t have to let them build up with dust anymore, because now you have 5 new ways of tackling those blades. The air they push around is the same air you breathe, so make sure it’s clean!