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Preparing Your Roof for Santa's Landing

Preparing Your Roof for Santa’s Landing


Santa comes only once a year, so you definitely want to be prepared!  Christmas Eve, he will be stopping by your house, so why not make it the best experience possible for him? His magic can take him...

Questions to Ask A Real Estate Agent

Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent


Buying and selling a home are milestones in your life. Make sure you're taking that journey with the right person! There are several questions to ask a real estate agent, to be sure you're on the same...

winterize your home

Cold Snap! How to Quickly Winterize Your Home


Here in Texas, the weather is unpredictable at best. The one guarantee we have is that we can expect the unexpected. When a cold snap hits, we are often unprepared. Water damage, freezing pipes and p...

buying a new home

The Pros & Cons of Buying a New Home Vs. Existing Home


Should you start construction on a new home, or purchase an existing house? This depends on your needs, wants and budget.  There are pros and cons to buying a new home, just as there are pros and con...

How to find the right real estate agent

How to Find The Right Real Estate Agent For You


Homeownership is one of the biggest stressors for Americans. Whether you're selling your home, or buying a new or existing house - it's a stressful process. That's why having a knowledgable and friend...

Open House Tips

Open House Tips – How to Get Your Home Ready for an Open House


You'll rarely find a buyer that wants to purchase a home sight unseen. Tempting potential buyers with your beautifully decorated, picture perfect home means you'll need to have an open house. When the...

Create a haunted house in your home

Easy Ways to Create a Haunted House


Turning you home into a haunted house is a fun, exciting and festive way to celebrate Halloween. It just takes a little bit of planning, hard work, creativity and getting into the "spirit." You'll be...

What to plant in Fall

What to Plant in the Fall – Get Your Garden Ready!


We all know that April showers bring May flowers, because Spring is when we see the most vibrant flowers, strongest shrubs and biggest array of fruits and vegetables. When you know what to plant in th...