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When to purchase a home – Things I wish I knew before I bought a house


Buying a house is often one of the most significant decisions you'll have to make in your life, and whether you're buying alone or with someone else, it's a huge step. As with all things with life-cha...

spring lawn care tips

Spring Lawn Care – 7 Tips For A Healthy Lawn


Spring is upon us, which means the weather is much more inviting and offers a lot more color to our outdoor areas. It also means that there are some special considerations when you are taking care of ...

When is a Good Time to Sell a Home?

When is a Good Time to Sell Your Home?


Of all of the factors to consider when placing your home on the market, identifying the right time to sell is one of the most important. Figuring out the best time to sell your home will not only maxi...

4 Tips to Save Energy This Summer

4 Tips to Save Energy This Summer


The sweltering summer heat has arrived, and it is not going anywhere for a few months. With the temperatures as high as they are this time of the year, your HVAC has to work overtime to keep your home...

first time home buyer

First Time Home Buyer Tips For Saving Money


Whether your dream home includes a large yard and swimming pool or en suite bathrooms with updated appliances, you have to start somewhere!  When you're a first time home buyer, obtaining that dream...

Prepare your home for Texas summers

Prepare Your Home for Texas Summers


Texas is a beautiful state.  We boast beautiful Bluebonnet fields, tough cowboys and tougher steer, a colorful wild west history, and some of the most amazing people in the country.  Along with all...

spring cleaning for home appliances

Spring Cleaning for Home Appliances


Spring has sprung!  It's the time of year when flower blossoms begin to appear. The weather offers warmer days and chilly evenings.  Everything appears to be fresh and new after a long, cold winter....

Money Saving Home Technology Solutions

Money Saving Home Technology Solutions


Living in an age where technology is king might feel like an episode of The Jetsons. Every year, it seems that there's a new invention to added to the list. And it's pretty exciting and fun, isn't it?...

DIY: Preparing Your Fireplace for Santa's Arrival

DIY: Preparing Your Fireplace for Santa’s Arrival


That fat, jolly man in red is on his way soon! It's time to start preparing your fireplace for Santa's arrival.  We want him feeling welcome in our homes - the man is bringing us presents, after all...

10 things to do to prepare for Thanksgiving guests

10 Things to do Before Thanksgiving Guests Arrive


Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday filled with food, friends and family.  If you have Thanksgiving guests coming to stay at your home this year, there are a few things you can do to prepare.  Besid...