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What Does a Fixd Home Warranty Plan Include?

What Does a Fixd Home Warranty Plan Include?


    Why do I need a home warranty? Purchasing a home is a huge investment, and protecting that investment means keeping up with the maintenance that a home requires. Homeowners need home warranty...


Top 5 Reasons Why Fixd is the Best Home Warranty Solution for You


Your home is an investment. It's your safe haven, where you and your family gather and should feel comfortable. But just purchasing a new home is only the beginning of your security. Houses evolve, ju...

Insurance Policy

Home Warranty Plan VS Home Insurance Policy: What’s The Difference?


  Congrats, you are one of the 74 million Americans that are proud owners of a house. Owning a home is a major investment that can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Protecting your ass...

Home Warranty VS. Manufacturer Warranty

The Difference: Home Warranty VS Manufacturer Warranty


Purchasing a house is a huge investment.  That's why choosing the right type of warranty for that home is so crucial.  You need the best protection for your investment, so what's the difference be...


What Real Estate Agents Look For in a Home Warranty


Real estate agents know that selling a house requires a lot of research, processing, preparation, and staying on top of the market. They also are aware that offering a great home warranty to the buyer...

Fixd Repair Testimonials

Fixd Repair Testimonials – What Customers Really Think!


Fixd repair is a home services and home warranty company that uses mobile and web applications to connect homeowners with licensed and background checked service pros. We provide superior pricing and ...


5 Home Warranty Myths – The Truth About Home Warranties


Home warranty myths are everywhere. You’ll hear from friends about a horrible experience, read online about why you don’t need one, and believe what you need to, for piece of mind. Here are some c...


When Do You Need a Home Warranty?


Home warranty. You know what it is, how to choose the best plan, and the benefits of a these services. But when do you need a home warranty? There are several circumstances that will help you unders...


Understanding Your Home Warranty


A home warranty plan might seem like a confusing and intimidating contract. When you understand your warranty plan, you will feel much more comfortable and secure. It will also put your mind at ease, ...


Benefits of a Home Warranty


A home warranty is a popular option for homeowners wanting to avoid unexpected expenses related to faulty home system components and appliances. There are several benefits of a home warranty. Ben...