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Granite Countertop Care: Dos and Don’ts


Granite countertop care is essential to maintaining its life and preserving its beauty. Taking good care of granite is really easy and simple to maintain. There are some tips, however, that you defi...


Curb Appeal: 4 Ideas to Improve Your Landscape


Landscape – it’s the first thing you probably notice when buying a new home. Curb appeal not only creates a more inviting place, it increases and decreases the value of your home. Here a...


Appliance Repairs: 5 Oven Hacks


When it comes to appliance repairs, we want to do all we can to avoid them. Eventually, all major appliances will need repairs or replacement. But, we can extend the lives of our appliances by prope...


10 Tips for Moving House to House


Moving house to house is often a chore that most people dread. It can be back-breaking work, and it’s stressful. You’re calling 20 different places updating your address. Then, you are packing you...


Life Hacks To Better Your Outdoor Areas


The outside of your home needs attention, just like the living area inside. Keeping your patio & deck, backyard, garden and home exterior healthy is pretty easy, if you know some simple life hacks...


12 Ways to Save Money on Energy Bills


Sweltering summers can do a number on your energy bill! With the rise in temperature also comes a rise in your electricity bill. So if you’re obsessed with keeping your electric bills lower wit...

Man cleaning air ducts in home.

HVAC System and A/C Home Maintenance


Is the increasing cost of your electricity bill getting you down?  With hot summer months hitting hard, you’ll no doubt be running your A/C more often, which means your HVAC system will be kick...


30 Housekeeping Tips & Tricks For A Clean House


Prevention is the name of the game, when it comes to housekeeping!  A clean house doesn’t have to take an entire weekend or tons of elbow grease to achieve. The more mess, damage and build-up y...


DIY Home Repairs – Be Your Own Handyman


How do you keep your home healthy?  DIY home repairs don’t have to cost a fortune, especially when you can be your own handyman for quick fixes and maintenance.  Your home is an investment, so...