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Why You Need Fixd in 2018


If you own a home, you need Fixd. Start your new year off by investing in the health of your home. Fixd Repair is a one of a kind company that combines home warranty and on-demand home service. With ...

New Year Resolutions for Your Home

New Year Resolutions for Your Home


It's a new year! You may have obligated yourself to some great resolutions to help make your life better in 2018. Creating and sticking to resolutions for your home will also make it healthier for th...

winterize your home

Cold Snap! How to Quickly Winterize Your Home


Here in Texas, the weather is unpredictable at best. The one guarantee we have is that we can expect the unexpected. When a cold snap hits, we are often unprepared. Water damage, freezing pipes and p...

Tips for a stress-free Christmas every year

Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas Every Year


Christmas will be here in just weeks. For the busy mom, procrastinating dad or unorganized family, this might seem pretty daunting. The holidays are a time to celebrate and be cheerful - not be stress...

What Real Estate Agents Do Behind the Scenes

What Real Estate Agents Do Behind the Scenes


When you're buying a home, you depend on your real estate agent. You'll see them planning your open house, marketing your home and giving tours. But what you don't see are some of the most important t...

Open House Tips

Open House Tips – How to Get Your Home Ready for an Open House


You'll rarely find a buyer that wants to purchase a home sight unseen. Tempting potential buyers with your beautifully decorated, picture perfect home means you'll need to have an open house. When the...

What to plant in Fall

What to Plant in the Fall – Get Your Garden Ready!


We all know that April showers bring May flowers, because Spring is when we see the most vibrant flowers, strongest shrubs and biggest array of fruits and vegetables. When you know what to plant in th...

How to prepare your home for Fall weather

How to Prepare Your Home For Fall Weather


Seasonal changes can take a toll on our homes. The Autumn months bring cooler weather, more rain, less sunshine and shorter days. Taking a few extra steps to preserve and protect your house for the ne...

Latin couple moving house and packing in boxes while looking at checklist

How to Create a Home Inventory


  Your home, and the items inside are an investment into your comfort and happiness. You do your best to protect them, but accidents and misfortune can still occur. In the unfortunate case that ...

The Best Times of The Year to Remodel & Avoid Stress

The Best Times of The Year to Remodel & Avoid Stress


Renovations to your home can be a welcome fix to space issues, design flaws and the general comfort of your home. Make sure you’re avoiding remodel stress and choosing the best times of the year to ...