Feb 2, 2017

The Best Times of The Year to Remodel & Avoid Stress

The Best Times of The Year to Remodel & Avoid Stress

Renovations to your home can be a welcome fix to space issues, design flaws and the general comfort of your home. Make sure you’re avoiding remodel stress and choosing the best times of the year to remodel! Take a deep breath and dive-in, because these projects can be overwhelming, but very exciting if you plan and time them properly.

Avoiding remodel stress

  • Work with what you have

Be realistic in your renovation plans. You’ll have plenty of great options for the spaces you want changed, but you need to set your sights within the limits of what CAN be achieved. Changing the direction of the light that flows into a north-facing room won’t be practical, but altering the layout and color scheme is much more realistic.

  • Repairs first, then renovation

Keeping the appliances in the kitchen you want to expand will save you a ton of money. Your existing oven and refrigerator can be dressed up to fit the new style. The same logic goes for your bathroom and other areas of your home. Make sure your home is in tip-top shape before beginning the remodel process by scheduling fast, effective and easy repairs through portal.fixdrepair.com.

  • Budget savvy

Sit down and discuss a feasible budget for your project. Add at least 10 percent to that total for unexpected expenses. Materials and labor can add up pretty quickly, so you’ll want to make the choices best for you, within this strict budget. Don’t worry, there are always alternative options like laminate flooring instead of hardwood floors, or DIY painting tricks you can do to achieve the finish you want, at a lower cost.

  • The wait is on

No matter what area in your home you remodel, there will likely be waiting periods for stock to arrive, labor to be completed and materials to be ordered. Plan for this, and be patient. Rushing a big project will leave you disappointed, so be prepared to wait it out in some phases of the renovation.

  • Take it easy

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Contractors may leave messes, wait time can be longer than expected and your budget might seem far-reaching. As long as you keep your head about you and worry about the bigger things during your renovation, the small, insignificant renovation hiccups can be handled with much more ease.

Best times of the year to remodel

First of all, consider the sale cycles of retailers. Paints, lumber, concrete and other materials will fluctuate in price throughout the year. The best time to remodel, however, isn’t necessarily when these are at their lowest. Stock up and save the materials you want when they are on sale, and wait for the appropriate time to begin.

Each season has it’s highlights and downfalls for remodels. Pick the best time for you, and accommodate your schedule to meet the pros of each season.


The great weather that spring offers will allow contractors to work better and more efficiently. We also score another hour of sunlight, because of Daylight Savings. And paint will react better to the cooler temperatures and less humidity.

On the other hand, this is a contractor’s busy season because of the weather. Services may be limited or more expensive.


Similar to spring, the weather is nicer and contractors will be more efficient. If you have children, they will be on summer break, so a vacation could be taken during the renovation and give you time to get away.

Heat and humidity can slow down the workers’ performance, and remodeling services are expensive during the summer. You’ll also want to be aware of the foot traffic in and out of your home while running your air conditioner.


During the fall season, remodeling projects are at a lesser demand, so prices will drop. This also allows for more flexibility in scheduling. The cooler weather will be more comfortable for the workers and if doors or windows are being replaced, the air won’t be too cold and uncomfortable in your home while they work.

However, the sun starts setting earlier, making the work time shorter each day.


This is the cheapest season for home remodels and renovations. Scheduling should be fairly flexible and easy and it’s much more simple to obtain any necessary permits. The holidays are a great excuse to get away while the work is being done, as well.

On the down side, if extreme weather hits, your timeframe may have to be extended. Your heating bill may be hiked up because cold air is more likely to be moving through your home while the contractors work.

Stay stress-free and make the right decisions for your home remodel. These tips should help reduce any headaches, and the best times of the year to remodel will depend on how flexible you can be. Happy renovating!